Seeking Horde guilds for RP-PvP

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Seeking Horde guilds for RP-PvP

Post by Zackarn Yorelas on Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:44 pm

What it says on the tin, the last RP-PvP campaign is done, time for us to look to the next one.

As some may be aware, the goal of the House is to create RP-PvP by proxy, which translates into, essentially; If you want to do RP-PvP, we can create a plot to give you a reason to.

You will ofcourse be part of the planning process, and given every opportunity to confirm you are happy with the backstory being used to facilitate it, all we need is your participation!

We have TS to coordinate things OOC during the campaign to ensure a fair, competitive battle for both sides. I'm not interested in rofl-stomping any one, and should teams be even, but gear and skill be mismatched, we can also adjust the numbers to compensate.

All "I" Need is for Horde guilds to let me know they want to do something, and then we can get the ball rolling!

So, who wants to do some battles?
Zackarn Yorelas

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Re: Seeking Horde guilds for RP-PvP

Post by Reyxor on Tue Oct 27, 2015 4:23 am

This looks like a good thread to promote rp-pvp. I'll hope the Horde side will get more interested into this, since Ally seems to really overwhelm in numbers/guilds that part take into world pvp in rp fashion. Maybe the organizing could be slightly lighter though, it looks pretty heavy for me, not the organizing type myself, but gladly part take when ever there is a possibility for such.

So Horde get your act together, and Ally try not to boss around too much, so the never ending battle could go in better balance.

What I've seen is Horde almost vanishing from the realm, what is the reason, is what I'm questioning. Is the Ally pushing them away? If they are, fix it, no one should be leaving the server unless it's somehow unfit for them. It's a multiplayer game so maybe it's what the community is doing somehow. My gut says something like this, nothing more to it from my part.

But really overall more players on Horde and it will be ok to get again big battles in rp fashion. Thanks to the organizers for organizing these.

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