Julia 'Hemorrhage' Fernwood

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Julia 'Hemorrhage' Fernwood

Post by Cosmo on Mon Sep 14, 2015 5:33 pm

Character name: Julia Fernwood
Alias: Hemorrhage
Gender: F
Age: 26
Race: Human
Class: Assassin

Birth region: Stratholme, Lordaeron

Specific area/town: Goldshire, Elwynn Forest

Family: Robbie Fernwood (father, deceased), Vanessa Fernwood (mother, deceased), Robbie Jr Fernwood, (elder Brother, deceased), . Edwin Fernwood (brother deceased), Alison Fernwood (youngest sister, unknown status)

Known friends or enemies: Sky Bloodbath is for Julia her first real friend (Her pet helped a lot !), but her best friend remains her cat, Schrödinger.

Description: Quite tiny (5’4) she is thin, but muscles are slightly drawn. She haven’t especially big ‘forms’ but she’s quite pretty woman. A scar can be seen on the right side of her neck, remains of an unfair knife stab.

Personality: It’s really hard to describe Julia’s personality as she’s changing all the time. She can be ‘friendly’ as she can be despicable, depending on her mood. She seems to be tortured by something and she may look first really strange or silly when looking further than the cold assassin she tries hard to show to others. But she is lovely person, with a good education and willing to help... For a fee.

History: Born in a really poor family, third child of four, she developped tumboy manners and get pretty close to boys rather than girls. However she get really close to her youngest sister. Really influenced by her brothers, she was willing to rally Stormwind and join the army to defend the city.
She was 12 when Arthas came to ‘purge’ the city. She was playing outside and manage to escape with her sister, but lost her later.
Left alone with the reflection of her family’s death, she begin to grow some anger against everything. Walking, never knowing where to go, she find in her way some brigands, who, rather than killing her decided to raise her and show her some ‘tricks’ to survive.
Her adventures with the gang lead her next to Stormwind, where aged of 15 she begins bigger business, and eventually, one and a half year later, get ‘sold’ to the Defias. Unfortunately during an operation, she get caught and sent to the Stockades.
Here begins the most difficult years for her, harrassed and almost raped she had to defend herself with rough manners to get closer from a little band. Respect slowly growing, she managed to live alone for a time, before deciding to take control of the Stockades for good. The current caid Tommy ‘One-Eye’ did not saw that a good eye, and provoked Julia in a bare hand fight, but cheated. Barely avoiding the escamoted dagger, she turned the weapon back to his opponent and let him bleed to dead, giving her the nickname she will keep from now on.
After nine years in the Stockades, she won Varian’s grace. She had choice between staying in the Stockades, or being release, on ‘trial’ against her loyalty toward Stormwind. She did not wait long time to choose, and have been released. Even going along officially with the Alliance, she mainly operate from shadows, and won’t spite on some extra money if some of them have to ‘disappear’.

Things you may know/not know about this character: Member of an obscure Brotherhood, she does not talk much about her or about her activities. She hates Death Knights and despises Worgen, considering them as filthy animals. She have no special respects for Gobelins, but like few things about Taurens.
She’s keeping for herself her long time goal : finding her sister, if she is still alive.

Possible crime record: Intimidation, extortion, murder.

Other information: She loves pets, but she’s scared of snakes. Also she’s scared of high. She is not dependant of alchohol, but she drinks quite often. In that case she can be really aggressive.


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