Daglor Bloodwatcher [Deceased]

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Daglor Bloodwatcher [Deceased]

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Character name: Daglor Bloodwatcher [Deceased]
Alias: The Red Lynx
Gender: Male
Age: 244
Race: Sin'dorei
Class: Ex-Ranger/Mage
Birth region: The Bloodspire of house Bloodwatcher in the Ghostlands
Specific area/town: Near enough to Suncrown in the foothills of the Amani Mountains.

Family: House Bloodwatcher, A noble house from the Modern day Ghostlands South of Lake Elrendar, They lived closely to the houses of Brightshield to the North, Silverdawn's to the south, Bloodlance's to the west and Dal'andu (Dawnstar) to the East. House Bloodwatcher was a very old and prestigious house.
Known friends: Close Allies to their neighbours, the Brightshields who were later wiped out during the third war, House Bloodwatchers magisters were strongly backed in Silvermoons Court by members of House Silverdawn.

Known Enemies: House Dal'andu, the two families have been killing each other for over five hundred years in a petty game of intrigue, House Dal'andu was always the stronger house but it was severely weakened  after a battle against the Amani over a century ago. House Dal'andu was raided extensively by Trolls during the second war while their warriors were fighting in Lordaeron and the house would later disintegrate into a rabble of traitorous Dark'khan disciples during the third war. Luckily House Bloodwatcher, Silverdawn and Brightshield began a campaign to wipe out these traitors in the wake of the Scourge invasion and feel confident that all of these foul traitors have been dealt with. Subsequently the lands of Dal'andu now belong to house Bloodwatcher.
Description: Daglor was tall and athletic with maroon red hair, his face was angular, his face had begun to show its first real wrinkles. He was a strong elf, a ranger who carried 170 poundage war bow in his younger days. Using a bow of that poundage required the elf to be strong. Daglor had a red teardrop tattoo under his left eye; the sigil of house Bloodwatcher.

Personality: A vicious psychopath who enjoyed eating brains, dining, wining, feeding people to his lynx, forcible incest, carving up his prisoners, feeding his prisoners with his prisoners, using his psionic abilities to drive his servants mad, luring elves he met in the woods into his “play house”. He enjoyed bullying people, terrifying people, setting houses on fire, commanding his rangers to open fire on whoever he liked as well as having random spot checks on the standards of his servants and killing those who didn’t shape up.
He was fast to friendship and fast to anger, vindictive to all who have wronged him and brutal in his punishments. Daglor was well respected and feared in his time as a commander and as a duellist, favouring a longsword.

History: The second of the three sons of Falmere Bloodwatcher, Daglor grew up as many Highborn nobles. He became a Farstrider in his early life; this was unusual for many in his family that usually sought to become Magisters. Over time he became an officer and looked after his own meagre forces. He fought briefly during the Horde invasion of Quel'thalas, and spent the remaining duration of that war slaughtering Trolls on the Eversong Border. He was engaged to his childhood friend Valerisa Silverdawn before she later married Monlorin Dal'andu. Daglor later abducted Valerisa and kept her as a prisoner for almost thirty years. He later fought in the Third war and is one of the few remaining Bloodwatchers to survive the period.
Things you may know about this character: He hates trolls, the undead, and many Elves from the Ghostlands except his kinsmen, he views the northeners as weaker and less hardy as well.
There are rumours of how he treats his servants...frightening rumours... Daglor is a cold individual... but... he would never have done these things... Even so... many are terrified of him... some called him a psychopath in hushed tones and mutters in the dead of night....

Things you may not know about this character: He has been....very very busy...eliminating possible threats to his family.
Possible crime record: Nothing is on record... That's not to say he's crime free...He (may have) committed numerous acts of murder. But who's to say?
He had a reputation of being a shining example of an upstanding heroic highborn elf! "Justice for our people, Selema ashal'anore!"

Daglor was decapitated by Lianira Phoenixstrider during a prison break.

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