[A] The Kirin Tor

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[A] The Kirin Tor

Post by Mallucis on Mon Sep 07, 2015 11:52 am

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The Kirin Tor

wow.gamepedia wrote:The Kirin Tor (or Kirin-Tor) [ˌkɪrɪn ˈtɔɹ] is the elite conclave that leads the nation of Dalaran. Its members are some of the most powerful magi of Azeroth. Previously neutral, it has since joined the Alliance following the Purge of Dalaran.


This guild concept is similar in its aim to my previous one: Royal Mail. I have an alt mage, who I don't use much, but I still keep him around, when I'm bored with straightforward and official attitude of my main. You could say it's all just for the purpose of a floating text above my head, and this won't be far from truth. However, a lot of bank space to use is another profit.

So, if you have a guildless mage alt please, join The Kirin Tor. It may happen that with time we would reach a reasonable numbers and could do some occasional RP somewhere there in the world.

Contact me in game if you are interested.

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Re: [A] The Kirin Tor

Post by Skarain on Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:59 pm


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Narrow minded tower mages! [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] will oppose the regime of the self-imposed elitist conclave that leads the nation of Dalaran that try to impose 'their' standards of arcane casting upon others! Stay in your towers, tower mages. Stay among your dusty tomes while 'we' unveil the secrets of the universe without compromising what we are. Nahrune'enor!

(Undermining is what we do best Wink )

On topic: Good luck. Despite the guild being more of an alt-guild and a way to have a mage-related guild tag, I do look forward to any clash of opinions of view with the Arcane. Especially so with the Legion, with Dalaran again playing a central role, which is sure to tempt more players into roleplaying Mages I hope.

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