Yoooreee, me matey?

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Yoooreee, me matey?

Post by Zackarn Yorelas on Tue Sep 01, 2015 3:14 am

This will seem a little odd, at first glance but I hope you will read through it entirely before deciding if you are interested or not;
I am looking for a few Horde players to be pirates, now how would this work, how many are needed, what would they be doing, etc etc.

The goal is to field a small crew of pirates on a ship in a lvl 100 zone, roughly 4-5 players who for the purpose of this would be "Randoms"
as in the character you normally play is not necessarily the pirate you are merely taking on the persona of one for the sake of this event, which will require a healthy amount of Deviate Delights for your pirate costume.

It will be a three staged RP-PvP event. the first stage will have you and your team on the deck of the ship, spread out as a crew normally would be, going about.. piraty things.

Our team would attempt to breach the ship by landing on the deck and a fight ensues. If the pirates win, the House team retreats and makes another try.

If the House team wins, the pirates run back, go below deck and ress up and get ready for the next stage in which the team will come down the stairs to try and take the lower deck.

Same as before, if the pirates win, they hold the area they are in, if the house wins they are pushed to the bowls of the ship in the lowest section.

For the Pirates to win, they must win THREE RP-PvP encounters to expel the invaders, for the House to win they must achieve the same.

Does this sound like something any one would like to join in with as a pirate? The goal isn't to smash through or.. Well. I want to create a balanced fight that has RP value and some PvP fun. Intending to do it on Pirates day. Hope to hear from folks.
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