Carmtan Abendas Nightglade

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Carmtan Abendas Nightglade

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Character name: Carmtan Abendas Nightglade
Alias: "Carm"
Gender: Male
Age: 935
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Druid/Physician

Birth region: Silithus
Specific area/town: Southwind Village
Family: Father within the dream, Brother and Mother deceased.
Known friends or enemies: N/A

Description: Carmtan is tall and skinny, particularly noticed by his bony fingers. His eyes are a deep yellow and around his eye-line if you are looking for it you will likely see a faded burn scar. His hair is a rich green, combed every morning but rarely ever tied up. His facial hair is also neatly kept. He will rarely be seen without his medical box strung across his left shoulder. He is quite noticeably always mentally tired, a product of long nights writing and researching.

Personality: Carmtan is strict but welcoming, using many hand gestures when he speaks. His most used facial expression would be his smirk. Accompanying this Carm has a taste for the more exclusive food and drink, having particular interest in snowplum brandy and Pandaren teacakes. He is not a judging man, he grew up in a time where he only heard stories of the Highbourne and never quite lived through the thick of it - so it goes to say he won't form an opinion after a single greeting.

History: Carmtan spent much of his early life in Silithus in the down time of the War of the Shifting Sands. This is where his Mother, a sentinel passed away in a freak sandstorm and his Father, a Druid, then decided the family were to leave the sands and head for Moonglade. It took them a few years to travel, his Father was an expeditionary Druid so helping areas of natural unrest delayed their arrival.

Though Carmtan and his Father are like chalk and cheese he was always the son that wanted to make his Father happy, which in turn never happened. He was a strict druid who believed his son should not see the world through the kind gestures of a Father and instead be exposed to the horrors of it first hand. Often in times of danger he would not help Carmtan until he deemed he needed too for it was a method of teaching he would take on while training young druids.

Eventually Carmtan and his Father reached Moonglade which is where Carmtan was introduced to Melanas, his Father's friend. Shortly after his Father left again, leaving Carmtan behind. News would reach him years later that he fell ill and now resides in slumber within the Barrow Dens.

Nevertheless Carmtan grew to admire Melenas, he taught him what he knew of healing and mending for many years and in time Carm would become an expedition physician on rides into the southern most lands of the Kaldorei lands usually, this was the highest rank or honour he would achieve. He dabbled in diplomacy, but he was no official ambassador.

Many years later Melenas told him he had taught him all he knew of healing and medicine and with that Carmtan had no binds to stay in Moonglade, or even Kalimdor to that fact. He had lost a Mother, nearly lost a Father and now his studies were over and so with that he sailed to the Eastern Kingdoms, arriving in Menethil Harbour. The Greenwarden's Grove was not there at that point so he continued up the pass of Dun Algaz into the lands of Khaz Modan, he befriended a Dwarf in Ironforge before once more heading away, this time to the Elwynn Forest.

It was here he met one of his greatest friends, Carcious Firesprocket. A Gnome sorcerer of the Kirin'tor. Shortly after becoming his apprentice and joining an order he was part of known as The Violet Star, lead by a skilled human sorcerer, Atian.

Atian in time would disappear and during conflicts with The Dead Rose, many of Carmtan's fellows died or went into hiding. Including his friend and mentor, Carcious Firesprocket, who had a funeral service on Crystal Lake.

From here Carmtan would dot about orders and groups notably the Observers, The Alliance Protectors, The Council of Aspect, Order of the Watchers and finally came to be asked if he would serve a man named Ulthorn as an advisor for a new group he had formed. Carmtan agreed, not knowing Ulthorn would go travelling a few weeks later, handing leadership over to Carmtan. He was baffled, he had never been one to lead people, he was a physician, young for his kin in a land he had spent merely three years upon. He sought out Carcia, Carcious' sister and Gerrond Blackthorne of the Alliance Protectors - merging and creating the early stages of the Wardens of Azeroth. This all lead to far too many stories to detail from the past five years.

Things you may know about this character: He is a Warden and works at the Ironforge Practise as a surgeon. He lives in Ironforge's Mystic Ward in the house left in a will of that very Dwarf he befriended in his visit to the capital of the Dwarves all those years ago.

Made by Halbane.


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Character sheet
Name: Carmtan Abendas Nightglade
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