Amarthron Dal'andu [Deceased]

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Amarthron Dal'andu [Deceased]

Post by Amarthron on Thu Jul 23, 2015 11:24 am

Character name: Erurendir Dal’andu [Deceased]
Common title: The Wanderer Amarthron
True title: The Crimson Son
Gender: Male
Age: 114
Race:: Sin'dorei
Class: Spellblade
Region of Birth: The Blackened Woods (The Ghostlands)
Specific area/town: The Site of Dawn
House Name: The great crimson house of Dal’andu
Spouse: Aeryeris Dal'andu [Formerly: Aeryeris Everdawn]

Physical Description: Before Amarthron died, he was known for his intimidating stature, he was infact a giant by elven standards, a huge elf, almost seven feet in height. His skin was as pale as milk; his hair was darkened crimson, the colour of blood. Amarthron’s body was covered in crimson inked spell runes. Two blood red dragonhawks were tattoed across his chest and they would glow, flapping their wings and flitting across his chest should he begin to cast a spell. The left side of Amarthrons face was hideously disfigured from fire, exposed bone and muscle tissue were clearly visible, strings of cracked stringy sinew were seen where they had escaped the flame. Despite this, Amarthrons face was noble and proud.

History: Amarthron was a warrior who lived through many adventures with the Phoenixstriders and before that, Amarthron was a warrior of the Crimson sun. His family had been destroyed because of a political struggle with House Bloodwatcher and his life was dedicated to restoring the house of Dal’andu. Amarthron was made an enemy of Quel’thalas, then he became a mercenary, then he was under the employment of Lord Thawon Phoenixstrider before joining the house of Phoenixstrider permanently. Amarthron fought for Quel’thalas, he fought for the lands of his birth. He fought for the crimson elves. He will be missed.

Known Friends: Aeryeris Everdawn, Kavian Sunstalker, Thawon Phoenixstrider, Sulfarius Wrathiagon, Laethan Dawnmorn, Telranya Blackwing, Morrigin Kairen, Kalydor Phoenixstrider, Lianira Phoenixstrider, Alexira Sunshatter, Ashnee Sundragon, Melador Feredal, Irmil Sol'ius Phoenixstrider, Dalaryn Meadows, Saired Sunfall, Arthion Darklight, Valerisa Dal'andu and Azraël Dal'andu.

Personality: Amarthron was a melancholic elf, a good person too, if a bit chaotic.

Known Enemies: Amarthron was resentful of many noble houses in Silvermoon, he was an elf supremacist, a soldier of Quel’thalas and the Quel’thalas he fought for was not a home for corpses, orcs, or goblins, or trolls, or upright cattle for that matter. He was an enemy of the Sun’mournes, the Blood Knights, the House of Bloodwatcher, Ithalin Bloodwatcher, Liltheris Felo’tal, Maradia K. Meadows, Vyshas Bloodwatcher, (Sunstalker) Madragan Vanblack, Rosalynn Invictus Sun'mourne, Urthondur-the fiend, Daglor Bloodwatcher, Falmere Bloodwatcher and many more.

Amarthrons old Criminal Record It was long thought that Amarthron was a vicious murderer, but since the death of Lord Falmere Bloodwatcher, a blood knight lord, It has come to some public knowledge that a lot Amarthrons alleged crimes were fabricated. That said, here are his alleged crimes:
Amarthron was charged with murdering his countrymen along with the rest of the Dal’andu family who were also charged with aiding Dar’khan Drathir during the scourge invasion. Amarthron allegedly killed a Blood knight named Laureline Sunshisper and kidnapped Ithalin Bloodstar along with Nadri Bloodflame. Nadri Bloodflame. He is also accused with killing two magisters during the siege of Silvermoon, killing his father, and his mother and framing his brother with the aforementioned murders. Amarthron was also part of a plot to steal Lu'minellia, the armour of king Anasterian Sunstrider.

(The top picture was drawn for me by my good friend and roleplayer, Pat! Isn't it Beautiful <3 <3 <3
Here's a link to his Deviant art....because...we...Here it is!!!! )

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