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Character name: Unknown......(Suspected Elven noble and Traitor of Quel'thalas "Erurendir Dal'andu")
Common name/Title: The Wanderer Amarthron
Other used names or titles: Calurion Silverspring, Halodir Brightshield, Celredal/Val'dorel Darklight, "The Crimson Son"
Gender: Male
Age: He looks about 100-125
Race:: Sin'dorei
Class: Spellblade
Region of Birth: The Blackened Woods ((The Ghostlands))
Specific area/town: Unknown
House Name: Unknown, but he is an a suspected member of the old Thalassian Noble House of Dal'andu, which was exterminated for treason in the wake of the scourge invasion of Quel'thalas.
Known Enemies: Resentful of many noble houses in Silvermoon, he is also racist and dislikes many other horde peoples..believing them Quel'thalas

Physical Description: Amathron as he is commonly known, is a very tall and extremely muscular elf  standing about 6"4/195cm tall and weighing in about 14 stone/88kg with a pale white skin tone, maroon red hair (Which he used to dye brown to hide it's colour) and pale green eyes. Amarthrons torso, including his shoulders and back are covered in crimson spell runes and there are two blood red dragonhawks tatooed on his chest that begin to glow and flap their wings should he begin to cast arcane magic.
The left side of Amarthrons face is hideously disfigured from fire, exposed bone and muscle tissue are clearly visible, strings of cracked stringy sinew are seen where they escaped the flame.
Despite this, Amarthrons face is noble and proud, yet haggard and broken.

Personality: This Character can be Described as having a Melancholic Personality. He is a "Chaotic Good" character.

History: This history of Amarthron is long, filled with death, misery, torture, desperation....hopes renewed,...and failure..
A traitor, exiled from Quel'thalas over a decade ago, Amarthron returned with a mercenary company called the Crimson Sun, he was sent as an emissary to a meeting in the Eversong Woods where elven forces gathered for an expedition into Goregrond. Amarthroon fought in this Campaign.

Subsequently the Crimsons became popular mercenaries to an Elven Noble house called Phoenixstrider, where Amarthron met his friend Aeryeris Everdawn.

Amarthron has since ...left the Crimson Sun.. for some unknown reason, rumour has it he was cast out, or that a fight broke out in the Company.
Amarthron spent a good few months as a nobody, and without allies, pursued by unknown enemies who name him an enemy in Quel'thalas. Recently he was found by his old friend Aeryeris Everdawn and Liltheris Kairen.....pinned to the wall of the Phoenixstrider Manor in a pool of his own blood, he has since been taken in by the family.
It is also suspected he was born into a noble house. His hunters still pursue him, Aeryeris was recently visited by Blood Knight Lord, Falmere Bloodwatcher.... seeking a traitor that matches Amarthrons description...

Amarthrons Criminal Record
Documents have been uncovered regarding Amarthrons previous Lord and suspected brother, Azrael Dal'andu, indicating his family's Involvement with Dar'kahn Drathir. Amarthron is also suspected to have killed four of silvermoons guardians and the blood knight named Laureline Sunwhisper. Amarthron is currently on the run for kidnapping two other knights, Ithalin Bloodstar and Nadri Bloodflame...who later escaped his grasp...Amarthron is currently shielded from Silvermoons court by the will of house Phoenixstrider...whether Lord Thawon Phoenixstrider knows that he is shielding a criminal is anyone's guess......

Possible Crime Record: Despite Amarthrons Disfigured face, he looks like the Infamous Erurendir Dal'andu, brother of Azrael Dal'andu. Erurendir Dal'andu assisted Dar'Khan Drathir by Murdering two Magisters during the siege of Silvermoon, he also killed His father and his mother and much of his family to become the lord of his house. Erurendir attempted to frame his brother Aiediel for the crimes but he was arrested and interrogated, during his arrest he was found carrying documents about a plot to steal Lu'minellia. (The armour of King Anasterian Sunstrider) unfortunately it was only discovered that he was guilty after Aiediel Dal'andu was executed. Erurendir was kept in prison by Blood Knight Lord Falmere Bloodwatcher for over nine months awaiting execution but he a fire.. so they say. Amarthron has certainly seen fire after all.. What...and ugly elf he is...

(This Picture was done for me by my good friend and Fellow mad man, Patrick!! Isn't it Beautiful <3 <3 <3
Here's a link to his Deviant art....because...we...Here it is!!!! )

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