[A] Citizen of the Alliance (Civilian RP)

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[A] Citizen of the Alliance (Civilian RP)

Post by Secran on Sun Jun 21, 2015 3:12 am

First things first.

Hi, I am Secran. Long time lurker on this forum. I took a long break recently, but have returned. I have no intention to spend a lot of time on this forum, but figured this place was as good as any to promote a guild. No hate, I just believe RP should be experienced mostly ingame. But let me be a hypocrite for now.

Civilian RP

I decided to give the Civilian RP Guild a go. It’s been talked about A LOT both ingame and on these forums. The idea was always there, the initiative wasn’t. Not sure what the reason was, but it was during a time I wasn’t really enjoying the game anymore. Both RP and non-RP. This resulted in me taking a break. When I came back I was sad with the lack of casual RP. Then I said to myself: “You take the initiative!”
Casual RP is awesome and there is need for it. Here is some reasons I think we need it:

  • People have alts that they play, but don’t want to put too much time into developing a huge background for them.
  • People like variation. I can imagine a person that is the member of a Guard guild that will occasionally get bored with “serving the alliance”. In fact I bet that most people remain in those guilds, because of the social bonds they developed with guildmembers. Which brings me to my next point.
  • RP is a social experience. It’s about meeting new people, making friends and having fun by doing so. The best memories I have of WoW are all events that I did with other people (friends/guildmembers). Casual RP allows you to dive into social events at anytime, anywhere. It does not require you to be online for 1 hour or more. Step in a Tavern to drink with others, walk in the park with a foxy Nelf.

    I think it’s safe to say everyone loves to see people randomly roleplay in cities or towns when they are casually strolling by on their Spectral Tiger. It brings life to RP in general, instead of hiding it near a guilds hub/HQ.

Citizen of the Alliance

is the tag you will get once you join this guild. Other roleplayers will recognize you as a civilian. It is not an IC guild. Just a tag for you and other players to recognize a roleplayer (that is not a Archmage of Dalaran). IC you do not answer to anyone, guildwise. You probably have to answer to the stormwind guards if you do bad stuff.  =)

! This does not mean we won’t be having events !

Every member has the right to set up an event. Big or small it doesn’t matter. It’s RP and that’s what we love to see. A citizen could set up a market somewhere, another could throw a feast at the local tavern.

Am I welcome?

Yes, you are. No class or race restrictions. I don’t want to put a minimum level up for guild entrance, because a civilian does not need levels to be a good innkeeper.
Though it is not forbidden. I’d rather have people avoid playing very powerfull warriors or exceptional mages. Why would you be in a civilian guild if you can be a guard/archmage.

Yeah, but why would I join?
Glad you asked.

  • Because playing/leveling an alt is way more fun if you are in a guild with familiar faces.
  • Because we will try and expand RP outside of Stormwind (IE: a farm in Elwynn or a tavern in Dun Morogh).
  • Because it is your job as a Roleplayer to invoke roleplaying tendencies into players that walk by.
  • Because you will have some civilian-alts ready to join other guilds events to fill up the place and bring diversity to the roleplaying topics.

Hope people are interested. Did I miss something? Did I do something wrong? Did I forget something? Please let me know.
See you in Azeroth!

Whisper Fenji or Secran for a guild invite.

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Re: [A] Citizen of the Alliance (Civilian RP)

Post by Skarain on Sun Jun 21, 2015 9:57 am

I tip my hat for the fact for taking the initiative in the first place. If you want something, the best way is to do it yourself rather than passively wait others to start something. Providing that a player do have the time to host such things that is. If one do, that's great! and by that, i wish you the best of luck with the Initiative.

Secran wrote:Hope people are interested.
I am very bad with roleplaying on Alts. I have a few central characters and little beyond those beyond the occasional experiment.

So while i approve the initiative, i do not have a character to put in there. At least not at the moment.

Secran wrote:Did I miss something?
Depends on what all you wish to include. You are clear enough that this RP guild is intended as a roof for many Alts and Civilian roleplayers, but does not have a specific goal or direction on itself (beyond creating more Civilian Roleplaying).

You may want to include a number of Guild Rules. Most of those are self-obvious (don't be a dick, don't cause drama, be friendly, don't break RP rules, etc.) but they can just as well be listed in the Guild Info ingame. Better to have them there at least, as not all of the recruits that you will get will read forums or this forum post.

Secran wrote:Did I do something wrong?
Not in my opinion. You started a guild. You made a post of the guild in the Registery, a forum section intended for roleplaying guild recruitment.

Nothing bad in that.

Secran wrote:Did I forget something?

Guild Rules? (depending on where you want to write them up at)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

An Ingame Recruitment Macro?

Beyond that, i don't think that you have. You can always Edit the thread afterwards anyways.


I suggest you to post all Public RP events that you can catch eye on your Guild Calendar. Usually the posts can be found on these forums, but also on Realm Forums s i try to keep a list of [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] up-to-date with all events and happenings.


Public Alliance Roleplaying Events:

Stormwind Community College at Monday at 20.00 servertime in Stormwind. An event that theme varies from teaching the attendants about cooking, fishing, first aid or some other general non-combat skill.
Event host: Emiraude of Holy Lightbringers
(this comes every week at the same time, although the "theme" and "location" of the class do change each week)

Stormwind Council at Tuesday at 21.00 servertime in Petitioner's Chamber, Stormwind Keep, Stormwind. It's a City-Council type event, in where representatives of various Stormwind-based (and diplomats from elsewhere) gather to discuss present matters, announce events IC and general political RP.
Event Host: Various Stormwind Guilds
(this comes every week at the same time)

Community Mass and Theological discussions at Friday at 20.00 servertime in The Gazebo, behind Stormwind Cathedral, Cathedral Square, Stormwind. A religious mass/debate, in where someone holds a mass and others are free to listen, throw questions, join the prayer and so.
Event host: Emiraude of Holy Lightbringers
(this comes every week at the same time)

The Anvilfrost Market at Friday at 21.00 servertime in Anvilmar, Coldridge Valley, Dun Morogh. A Black Market event, in where people bring their own merchandise for sales, or simply to browse what others have for sales. Also have a tavern in the back, and can be used for other kind of underworld/shady activity.
Event Host: Skarain of The Azure Flame
(this comes every second Friday at the same time)

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