[A] The Wisp Murders

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[A] The Wisp Murders

Post by Skaraa on Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:20 pm

First Day of the Sixth Month, Year 623 on the King's Calendar (according to Unofficial Timeline, don't kick me if you disagree <3)

A lonely alleyway in the Dwarven District comes alive with Stormwind Guard activity, a local merchant collecting his wares had called them in; having found rotten and half-eaten remains of a man in storage crates around the back of his store. Rats had clearly been nibbling on the body for days however no evidence of them breaching the integrity of the crate can be found, almost as if they were purposefully placed in with the body parts. The corpse itself had been carved up roughly with a bladed chopping weapon, perhaps a large lumberjacks axe, and showed evidence of stab wounds and a crushed skull prior to death. The corpse was clearly an experienced fel magic user in life, the dried blood is blackened and body singed with the scars of prolonged demonology practice.

"Although use of fel magic and summoning of demons is a heinous crime, vigilante justice is never condoned by the crown. Anyone bringing forth information leading to the arrest of suspects in this murder shall be compensated handsomely." Yells out a town crier, as the body parts are collected into a coffin and shipped out by the guardsmen.


There will be more of these from Icalor (The Wisps guild leader) below, which happened prior to this event. Murder is afoot! May be worth mentioning at the next Council Meeting. Wink

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Re: [A] The Wisp Murders

Post by Skarain on Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:12 am

Amidst the shadows of the dark alleys of Old Town, an elder female arcanist listens to the announcement of the town crier. Watching the scene through the eyes of a raven, Omen, her familiar, she watches as the guards carry the body away in a coffin. She remains by her place a while after the guards have disappear, a light frown and a thoughtful look on her face. She lift her arm and waits as a silent shadow glides through the alley and after a brief beating of wings her raven lands on her forearm. She smiles faintly to the bird before she turns, carrying the raven with her into the deep shadows of the alley which rise to close her in their embrace as she translocates away from the alley through the path of shadows.


The darkcasters, warlocks and necromancers of The Azure Flame will keep an ear perked for more news as this. Smile

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Re: [A] The Wisp Murders

Post by Mallucis on Tue Jun 02, 2015 5:40 am

Mallucis can hear this while trying to make an agreement with a Trade District merchant. "Without a proper gang in the area, there will be more," he comments on side.

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Re: [A] The Wisp Murders

Post by Icalor on Tue Jun 02, 2015 5:51 am

Second Day of the Sixth Month, Year 623 on the King's Calendar

The following document has been posted, particularly in the mage district, upon the corkboards of many a tavern.

The bizarre murder in the Dwarven District has sparked a full investigation into several strange sightings in the past month that would have otherwise been dismissed by the Guard.
The home of Tianna Stevens, known trainer of apprentice Warlocks - known to the people of Elwynn as the "Witch of the Woods", was reported to have been emitting a foul smelling black smoke from the chimney. Though suspicious, odd sights and smells at the house were considered to be common - though an intrepid young guardsman thought it bore further investigation due to the discovery last night.

Upon closer investigation of the house, the door was shattered into splinters - outwards onto the grass, and a strange blue pennant with a single eye was pinned above the window. The wooden floor inside the house was saturated with blood, and the body of Tianna Stevens was reportedly retrieved from the fireplace, which she had been unceremoniously stuffed into. Upon closer inspection of the charred body, a circular hole had been pierced through her sternum. Inspectors have found that the fire was deliberately stoked after she was placed onto it - suggesting that the scene was meant to be found, and that the pennant is either some form of warning or a symbol of an organisation. Magical experts that were allowed to see the body at the scene determined that faint traces of a spell around her mouth remain - some form of silencing magic, presumably to stop her from calling for help.

Tianna was a kind woman, a good teacher, and an invaluable scholar - cut down unfairly by prejudiced, cowardly thugs. She will be sorely missed.

The Guard are doing what they can to find out just who these vigilantes are. They cannot yet confirm that they target only Warlocks, though it seems likely. If you are a concerned practitioner of fel magic, please contact the Guard for information on how to secure your home, and so that they may direct more patrols through your area.

Courtesy of the Stormwind Society of Concerned Arcanists

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Re: [A] The Wisp Murders

Post by Charlie Blazesong on Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:31 am

Charlie stands tending the bar as he often does during daytime as he hears one of the more frequent customers chat about this to another. He ponders a bit, this is why I don't like warlocks when they're easily trackable, yet.. Maybe I can contact these people in a way, they might be interested in hearing one or two things about this warlock I know.
Charlie Blazesong

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Re: [A] The Wisp Murders

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