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Rhonya Steelheart

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Name: Rhonya Steelheart
Alias: Rhon
Rank: Thur'ruk

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Orc
Clan: Warsong
Class: Shaman

Family: Therak Duskstalker (Mate), Skorm+Mirek (Sons), Mira+Vaala (Daughters), Srelok Grimtide (Cousin), Sadok Sharptongue (Bloodbrother), Kozgugore Feraleye (Bloodbrother).
Known Friends: Shrika, Sinami.
Known Enemies: Martur Von Hickory, Diederich, Dunderholm, Sarrif, Haluthious, Other old Cult of Shadow members, Blackblood tribe members, Luk Vileclaw.

Rhonya looks rather young and unexperienced at first sight. Her face is round, childlike, innocent. Her eyes however, tell a whole different story. There is constant pain in those eyes, but also a determined look, someone who has been through a lot, even on her young age.
She doesn't stand tall in height, on the contrary. She's quite small, compared to other females.
Around her neck is usually a bandage or a choker necklace, to cover up her neck.
Little bones and beads adore her belt and clothing, as well as feathers. Her body betrays she's given birth multiple times already, though she is still in very good shape.
The tip of her right ear is missing.
Her black hair is long, reaching past her waist, sometimes adorned with some small braids and trinkets. Odd shaped burnmarks can be seen on her legs if they're bared, four sort of ward like burnings in her flesh.
On her back is a complicated tattoo, formed of blue and black ink, runes twisting and turning around each other in a circle form. It covers most of her back.

Rhonya is usually a very kind Orc, calm and quiet in nature. She's always ready to help others, even if it asks a lot from herself. Usually she sets the tribe and its members before her own needs and health, which has gotten her in trouble a lot of times already.
Rhonya is a very good listener and secretkeeper. She truly enjoys just talking to others and listening to their stories or their troubles and she'll always do her best to help them with their problems.
However, if someone manages to get Rhonya angry, her personality might suddenly shift. She can get very angry and lose herself in it, setting things on fire on accident or throwing with things, accompanied by a lot of yelling and cursing, something she almost never does normally.
Rhonya is still very insecure, if she thinks she's hurt someone when not meaning to, or did something wrong, she can become extremely shy and even start to stutter, or try lie her way out of things, though she's a very bad liar.

Rhonya's youth was a simple one, for her. She was raised by her uncle, Skar'lok Bloodaxe. He kept her away from most other orcs and races, actually keeping her hidden usually. Very early he discovered her shamanistic powers, but twisted and turned them, teaching her Dark Shamanism instead. Skar'lok was a Burning Legion follower, and seeing the inner strenght Rhonya had, he planned on turning her into the same direction. Because she was kept in solitude, Rhonya never learned this was the wrong way. Her uncle kept moving, staying out of the hands of the humans and other enemies, playing foul games, but keeping Rhonya safe.
When Rhonya was just 20, he found a place for her in the Blightskull Clan, lead by a Shadowcouncil member warlock, Morkosh. He saw a potential in Rhonya, naming her his personal apprentice. Though soon he saw more in her than just that, tutoring her but also making her trust him with gifts and attention.
She trusted him blindly, naive and young. He kept her locked up inside huts, later inside Demonfall Canyon when things turned bad with the Cult of Shadow. The Forsaken hated Morkosh, blaming him of attacking them, and Rhonya was an easy target to take their anger out on.
Wasting away in the Canyon plagued by demons, Rhonya's only friend at that time was Shrika, who came to visit her often. Morkosh eventually handed Rhonya over to the Blackblood clan, arranging for himself a high position amongst them. At that time, Rhonya found out she was pregnant and she fled, following Shrika to Silvermoon.
There the Cult caught up with her and tried to kidnap her. However, some of the Red Blades who were in the city for business heard her screams and came to rescue her.
Grek'thar took her under his wing and convinced her to join the tribe in their travel to Nagrand, for the Kosh'harg. She kept herself aside, afraid the tribe would kill her if they found out what she was and that she was dragging along several demons in her mind.

Eventually after several months the tribe found out. However, Kozgugore and the Elders offered a place among them instead as a newblood, so they could help her with her problems and keep an eye on her. Rhonya saw no other choice than to accept. She swore she'd change her ways, and in her time as newblood she took the time to get back into good grace with the elements. This took about half a year before they finally answered her again.
After that her rise in the tribe began, Gosh'kar first under tutor Sadok Sharptongue. However, shortly after her promotion, he got murdered. Rhonya always blamed herself for his death, for she wasn't able to help him, mend him, get the poison out.

Rhonya got more and more friends in the tribe, though she always carried the insecurity with her that she was still plagued by the demons and her past, always afraid Morkosh would come back for her and claim her firstborn son, Skorm, who was his blood. Also the Forsaken kept messing with her, following her, kidnapping her and cursing her whenever they got the chance.
Eventually Rhonya became High Shaman of the rebellion, found her current mate Therak and served as advisor and leader of the spiritual things in the rebellion.
After the Rebellion she was awarded with the position of Thur'ruk, and took this somewhat reluctantly, not believing as much in herself as others seemed to do.

That Kosh'harg Rhonya finally got rid of the demons for good with help of the tribes Elders and Gashuk, banishing the demons after all those years they'd been with her. The scars on her legs are a reminder of this, the wards having left a burned image on her flesh. She also assisted in bringing Sadok back to life with spirits aid, after he'd been turned into a deathwalker. Still blaming herself for his death, she took it upon herself to keep him safe and help him.

Rhonya's mind has never been very strong after all this, but she keeps it hidden with a more tough posture and nearly never talks of these things. While on the surface she may seem very strong and secure about herself, this shatters quickly if pushed only a little.
She herself finds she's got a good and secure position in the tribe at the moment, even though she's still insecure about herself and her powers.

Things you may know about this character:
- Rhonya is very easily manipulated, either by using her weak spots or misusing her trust. Some outside and even some inside of the tribe already made good use of this in the past.
- The tattoo ward on her back isn't something she often speaks about, nor is she very willing to mention what exactly its for, or who made it.
- Rhonya has one child with Morkosh, two with Grek'thar, and one with Therak.
- Rhon has the reputation that she sets new bloods on fire. This only happened once, but it's still something the tribe likes to remind her of. They find it hilarious.
- She dyes her hair black, after it turned white due to the demon exorcisms.

Things you may not know about this character:
- Rhonya is extremely afraid of heights.
- She keeps her neck usually hidden from sight due to something she was 'cursed' with, but she doesn't want it removed either.
- Once the rumor started that Rhonya never wore any underwear. Several orcs of the tribe tried to check if this was true in the most weird ways, to Rhonya's great dislike.
- She's broken Therak, her own mates neck once by pushing him off a waterfall.

Memorable Quotes:
- If asked what she is up to, and she knows it's something bad, she will often shuffle her feet, blush and just answer with: "Stuff."
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