Saired "Sauruz" Sunfall

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Saired "Sauruz" Sunfall

Post by Sauruz on Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:29 pm

Character name: Saired Sunfall
Alias: Sauruz
Gender: Male
Age: 335
Race: Sin'dorei
Class: Rouge

Birth region: Eversong Woods
Specific area/town: Silvermoon
Family: Sunfall's
Known friends or enemies: Friends: Melador Feredal (adopted son), Veldante Feredal, Jane Delson Enemies: Redian Ithal, Naviella Vanblack, Taldriel Nighthymn

Description: Sharp features, straight long hazel brown hair that's tied up in a pony tail, his hair reaches well down his back. Has a white and thin scar that runs across his upper and lower lip on the right side of his mouth. Due to having a fair skintone, this scar across his mouth stands out as a crystal white line. Has kind, almond shaped eyes. For his age, he has a few wrinkles here and there.

Sauruz is missing his left eye, over it, he wears an eyepatch made of leather.  

Often has dark clothes in leather. Around his legs sits two rows of leather straps on each leg. He keeps a spare set of small daggers and other gadgets hanging firmly from the straps. Around his waist sits multiple pouches of various sizes and shapes, they are tightly fasten with black thin rope. The pouches contains gold, stuffed to the brink or other useful poisons or gadgets.

Personality: Abusive, Alcoholic, Decadent, Deceitful, Deceptive, Selfish, Greedy, Arrogant, One-eyed, Flirty, Self-rightous, Hypocritical, Proud, Provocative, Charismatic, Intelligent, Independent, Survivor, Problem solver, Persistent, Venturous, Rational.
History: Long history as a leader for the assassin guild, Blood Contracts.
Things you may know about this character: He likes everyone when drunk.
Things you may not know about this character: Loves his son dearly, even if he mostly shows otherwise. Once happily married to a priest.
Possible crime record: Stealing, Murder, Bribing, Blackmailing, Smuggling, several cases of fraud, Abuse.

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