Required: Apprentices of auspicious quality

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Required: Apprentices of auspicious quality

Post by Dolerien on Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:32 pm

*Posters on several notice boards around Silvermoon, and the outlying villages in Eversong*

Lord Magister Abulos Sunwing
is seeking several apprentices, to serve him in his endeavours.
In return, he is willing to offer training in the magical arts,
with the aim of raising such applicants to the position of Magister themselves.

A rare opportunity, applicants are to send his Lordship details of your past training,
and inform him as to why he should accept you for training.

*At the bottom of the poster are several stamps and seals, the filligreed 'M' of the Magisterium, the serpentine crest of House Sunwing, and the Icon of Blood.*


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