(H) The Bilgewater Revival (Goblin majority organized crime guild startup)

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(H) The Bilgewater Revival (Goblin majority organized crime guild startup)

Post by Spellshank on Sat Mar 28, 2015 4:12 am

The loud whirring of a flying machine echoes throughout the Goblin Slums before it is showered by fliers falling to and fro!

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OOC: Goblins rights faction, seeking a proper place on the Horde council on the surface. Whilst running and organized profiteering ring on the down low.
Looking for avid Goblin (And other races of the Horde on Goblin payroll) RPers in the form of:

-A council of integral "family" members (Who talk to the boss directly, organize events, heists, and represent the boss when necessary)

-Bodyguards and muscle men (From guarding the boss, to muscling funds out of denizens that owe money)

-Doctors (For treatment of injuries acquired during less than legal activities)

-Tech guys (Arms dealers supplying the faction)

-Spies (The eyes and ears of the faction, littered about town, catching wind of important events throughout the Horde)

I (IGN Spellshank) will be at the Goblin Slums at 18:00 GT, if you're interested in forming the body of this not-yet-formed mainly Goblin guild, stop on by!

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Re: (H) The Bilgewater Revival (Goblin majority organized crime guild startup)

Post by Baji on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:16 am

How did this go? Very Happy

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