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House Phoenixstrider

Post by Thawon on Tue Mar 24, 2015 2:26 pm

Family name: Phoenixstrider House
House founder: Eladriendel Phoenixstrider
Current Head of House: Thawon Phoenixstrider
Location: Eversong Forest
Colors: Red, gold, black

The Phoenixstrider House is a noble family of elves based in the forests of Eversong. Two hundred years ago, the house fell into ruin when almost every family member was brutally slaughtered. Despite the tragedy, the memory of the house soon faded among the people and it was soon forgotten completely. One of its survivors, Thawon Phoenixstrider - who had been living in hiding - eventually restored the banner to retake its position among the nobles of Silvermoon. Since then, the house has gotten increasingly influential, with numbers within the Silvermoon Council and the Farstriders.

Table of Council:
The decisions within the Phoenixstrider House is taken by its internal Table of Council. It consists of the house head as well as the leaders of its respective wings. Currently, the Table of Council consist of Thawon Phoenixstrider, Jack Vincel, Irmil Sol'ius, Aeryeris Everdawn and Morrigin Kairen.

The Arms Wing:
The Arms Wing holds the offensive forces of the house. Led by Aeryeris Everdawn, those who are dedicated to protect Silvermoon and the Horde in close combat is sorted into the Arms Wing. Blades and bows alike, those who rely on body over mind belongs Ășnder General Everdawn's command.

The Wisdom Wing:
Putting the mind over body, the Wisdom Wing houses the family members of magical alignment. Powerful magistrixes and healers of the light can be found within its ranks. The Wisdom Wing is led by their matron Irmil Phoenixstrider.

The Shadow Wing:
Until recently, shadow and fel was forbidden within the noble house. However, the Phoenixstrider family has now formed a small wing where these arts are allowed under the close surveillance of the overseer Morrigin Kairen, a trusted warlock with insights in the dark arts.

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Re: House Phoenixstrider

Post by Exigua on Fri May 22, 2015 5:39 am

It was around easter. My Troll was taking part in festivities in Silvermoon City, a place I rarely visit. Suddenly, a dozen or more elves, all dressed alike, appear as if from nowhere.
This was my first contact with the Phoenixstriders, and I challange anyone to make a stronger first impression. It was really a sight to behold, and make me intrigued to find out more about them!

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