(A) The Eyes of the Old one (guild recruitment)

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(A) The Eyes of the Old one (guild recruitment)

Post by Tnecniw on Sat Mar 14, 2015 4:47 am

*Reports are comming in from the night elves of Silithus. Activites has been seen close to the city of Ahn'qiraj. People entering the ancient temple city and sightings of QIraj forces have increased in number aswell. The night elves fear the worst... but they don't fully know what they are facing. DO YOU dare to find out what is going on?"

The Eyes of the Old one is a cultist guild, created around the old god C'thun and his new prophet... Katarina. The guild is slightly insectoid / Arachnid themed. We are quite free roaming, but we do plan on keeping major rituals and preachings in Ahn'qiraj. Plans are already forming for a war between us and the Band of the brave.

So far do we have 7 ranks:

Swarm queen: Gm
Champion: Second in command
Dune king: Officer
Alpha insectoid: Veteran
Chitin Warrior: Member
Drone: Initiate
Egg/OOC: OOC member / not yet joined ICly

Contact Kartizia in game if you wish to join or want to know more about the RP guild. ALL HAIL C'THUN!

(Yeah, I know I did a post about this already, but this is more clear.. and YES; I have posted this on the server forum)


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Re: (A) The Eyes of the Old one (guild recruitment)

Post by Littlepip on Mon Mar 16, 2015 2:41 am

Interesting concept.

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