[A] Aegwynn Academy [Academic/Research RP]

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[A] Aegwynn Academy [Academic/Research RP]

Post by Jiang-Nu on Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:23 pm

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The world of Azeroth stands at the center of attention in the Warcraft universe. It has drawn the attention of dark gods, titans, demons and more. For this reason, there is a massive history of which we have only begun to scratch the surface, and a great many things that we do not yet know or understand. The landscape is as diverse as the people that inhabit it, and every decade strange new lands – and even worlds – are discovered, to be seen and explored.

With so much to see and so much still to learn, Aegwynn Academy seeks to provide a place where knowledge can be exchanged. A safe haven to perform research, to think upon existence, and why the world has taken the shape it has. To discover and adapt technologies to keep us and our allies safe, and our enemies at bay.

Not all knowledge is gained from books or a classroom, some things must be seen in the flesh. Next to lectures, the academy provides frequent excursions and expeditions. While dangerous, the chance of discovery is too great to ignore. Classes are given on a wide range of subjects, ranging from basic medicine and hand-to-hand combat, to advanced alchemy, literature, and military tactics.

The academy is named after the penultimate Guardian of Tirisfal, Magna Aegwynn. In her youth, long before giving birth to Medivh, she was trained in magic by Magna Scavell, showing remarkable talent for magic and learning. Despite discrimination from her peers, who mocked her ability to become a mage, she persevered and proved to be one of the greatest scholars and most powerful spellcasters of her time, eventually succeeding Magna Scavell as guardian. It is her scholarly mind, and her determination to seek knowledge despite hardship that we wish to honour.

What do we do?

Aegwynn Academy seeks, as a guild, to create and stimulate academic role playing. That means that the adventures we have are scientific in nature - expeditions, if you will. While significant scientific discovery won’t be without material reward, the prospect of wealth is not the primary guiding force behind our actions. Instead, we actively seek new things to learn, sometimes in the more dangerous places of the world.


In order to ensure that everyone can make use of the guild bank for repairs, we plan to hold frequent guild runs to heroics, and even raids if numbers will permit it. Should we be able to sustain a steady flow of cash to the guild bank, more money will be made available to members for their repairs.


While not a main aspect of the guild, it’s a tough world out there. To keep roleplay fun and dynamic, we will often venture into contested territory where we’re not under the protection of a sanctuary, a phase or powerful NPC’s. This means that we might be under attack from PvP guilds looking for easy targets. There is only one real solution: don’t be an easy target. We strongly urge all who wish to join the guild to get a set of PvP gear, and will occasionally hold events aimed at acquiring it.

Guild ranks:

Executive: Officer rank.

Scholars:: Default member rank.

Medics: As it says on the tin. New discoveries are always ready to be made in the field of medicine, and Azeroth has a lot of ways to get yourself hurt.

Security: A dedicated security force, for characters that are looking for action and adventure without the paperwork.

Students: For characters that wish to start from the ground up.

What are we looking for right now?

Everything!  We are looking for students, researchers and teachers in many different subjects. For those who actively wish to help make this guild a success, there are still openings for officer positions.

How to sign up?

You may sign up by contacting the following individuals in the game:

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