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[Sinami] Savage Spirits

Post by Lomenár Nightsinger on Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:22 am

Part I

It was a few minutes after dawn. The sun had barely risen above the horizon, but I could feel the first faint rays of warmth tickle my neck as I made my way towards the outpost. I'd always loved dawn, those few precious moments when everything is completely still and quiet, as if the whole world is holding its breath until the sun peeks above the horizon. Today was no different. I took a deep breath, savouring the sensation of the burning cold air. Today promised to be a good day for hiking, which was exactly what I was supposed to be doing... if only Trakmar could deign to show up. I sniffed the air around me, but when I didn't manage to catch his scent anywhere close I decided to just sit down and wait for him. I plonked myself down, rather gracelessly, in the snow with my back resting against the palisade behind me, my face tilted up towards the sun. Frostfang heaved a great sigh and settled down beside me, his warm presence a lovely comfort that only added to my feeling of joy and contentment.

We didn't have to wait long until we both heard the sound of footsteps crunching through the snow behind us. Seconds later Trakmar's scent reached my nostrils and I pushed myself up to my feet, grumbling a little about him being late.
"You have everythin' y'will need?" Trakmar was the no nonsense sort of orc, and I guessed simple niceties like greetings wasn't all that important when bigger things were in store... like befriending a Garn! In short, he was an orc after my own heart.
"Ah. There you are! Yes, I think so... got enough supplies to last us for a while. Are you ready to leave then?"
"Aye, I be ready. Let's move."
"Alright. Perfect. Also, Bloodmark said he would be dropping by in a few days... hope you don't mind?"
"Aye, that be fine."

I tilted my head as I thought I heard something in his voice... something off... or perhaps teasing. It was hard to judge.
"What was that I heard in your voice, or did I just imagine it?" I figured I could just call him out on it... though either he was just playing coy with me or I really -had- just imagined things, because Trakmar was giving me nothing... except his usual grunting grumpiness that is.
"Heard what?"
"Not sure exactly what it was... but it was -something-."
"Hrm. Must be your imagination then."
"Right... I don't think so... anyway... this trip is about trying to befriend a Garn, right... so, I guess we'll need some sort of plan... or should we just wing it?"

The landscape around us was almost completely still, except for a few whirls of snow the gentle wind managed to stir up around us. I could feel the light caresses of the snow whirls against my cheek and I lengthened my stride, sighing happily. Being embraced and caressed by wind and water (albeit frozen water in this instance) always served to lift my spirits... and since they were high already, I almost felt like bouncing along in the snow. I quickly disregarded that idea however and settled for just walking along with a new lightness of step.

I tilted my head as I waited for Trakmar's answer and judging by the tone of his voice when he finally did speak, he was in pretty high spirits himself.
"We'll need a plan no doubt. First and foremost, gettin' a wolf t'notice each of us without alerting the pack. And withough gettin' the pack to chase us." Trakmar sounded almost gleeful at the prospect and I couldn't help but snort softly in response.
"Well, that is indeed a challenge... hrm... I guess we'd better get there first and get a good sniff, and look in your case, at the place and decide how to proceed from there. We might have to watch them for a few days, learn their pack behaviour and pecking order and stuff like that. I think it might be easier to gain the attention of a lower ranked pack member than a higher ranking one... at least without attracting the attention of the rest of the pack."
"Aye. There we agree. Getting the attention of a younger wolf, or an outsider of the pack be the best bet."
"Mhrm. We have the beginning of a some sort of plan at least, always something."

A faint howl on the wind made me stop dead in my tracks. I could feel Frostfang tensing up beside me and moments later another howl could be heard... this time much closer to us. I shivered slightly, both from anticipation and a healthy dose of fear, and smiled. The Garn sure had beautiful voices... to have one of them as a friend... what lovely music we could make together. But now was not the time to think about such things. The Garn knew we were there and they were warning us off their territory. For our sakes, I hoped it was just that... a warning, and nothing else. It would be a shame to have to turn tail and run back already... but some strategic backtracking might be a good plan.

Trakmar voiced my thoughts aloud and in accord with one another we made our way back a little, searching for a good place to make camp.
"Damn, the Garn's senses are keen. We've barely gotten close to their valley and still they sensed us. This is going to be a true test of determination and skill, are you sure you're up for it?"
I turned my head in Trakmar's direction and flashed him a cheeky grin. Trakmar let out a humoured snort in response and patted my shoulder companionably.
"Aye, I be. The question be if you truly be ready. You be barely of age for om'riggor. Besides, if I prove to not be and get wounded, good luck carrying me back."
I feigned offence at his comment and presented him with one of my best snarls.
"Of course I am... and so what if I haven't had my Om'riggor yet? What does that have to do with anything? Befriending a wolf is a thing between me and the wolf, not something to prove my worth to someone else, or to prove that I am an adult for that matter... since, admittedly, the idea to befriend a Garn is bordering on recklessly childish."
I playfully swatted at his hand on my shoulder, keeping my voice light and teasing.
"Carry? Who said anything about carrying you back? You'll be lucky if I manage to drag you back with me... so you'd better not end up hurt."
Trakmar just chuckled at my antics and patted my shoulder once more before removing his hand.
"Never said this be about provin' anything. T'was a joke. And do not worry about me gettin' hurt. Save that worry f'any Garn that might attack us."
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