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Re: Loldodging?

Post by Tnecniw on Tue Feb 24, 2015 10:15 am

Ixirar/Kavalis wrote:I was using levels as analogies to better explain the arguments made by the two sides. I never claimed OOC Character level is a conflict resolution tool.

So you didn't really clear anything up, mate. Try reading a post over a few times before correcting somebody.

As for:

Are we sure that isn't singular? The same way one might complete a quest to hunt a specific character? Are all DKs in the starter zone hand picked and generals?

Good question. I'd go with not singular though because he tells you that before you even get your runeblade and he's the only one who treats you as anything out of the ordinary. A few moments later, for example, you're slaying failed acolytes to prove that you're worth the Scourge's time.
Sorry, I have just met a few numbers of bad Rpers claiming levels have everything to do with how powerfull you are. "You are only level 20 so you are automaticly weaker then us" I REALLY hate those people.


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Re: Loldodging?

Post by Vardrek/Burgen on Tue Feb 24, 2015 10:17 am

Honestly really saying A is more powerful than B in WoW is difficult, so many factors come into it.

We know that Death knights are good fighters yes, but that doesn't mean they beat everyone afterall their are so many factors such as luck, talent, experience, magic, holy light, holy water, explosives that you can't really sit down and say the DK is superior as their is too many variables.

A DK imo they were superior back in the days of the second and third wars, but the Alliance have learnt from that experience, Paladins after the third war became trained in how to fight the undead (and demons much more than previously) and by extension to fight their enemies the dreaded Death knight, i'd say the playing field is all to play for on both sides.

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Re: Loldodging?

Post by siegmund on Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:22 am

"Go on slugger, you are the best of the best buddy, totally not expendable to me!"

That speach pretty much i got as Ralegh said here. You're put a bit more into the spotlight of course trough it all, since you're kinda ment to meet the big guys and all that. He surely told that to every other newly risen who had potential. ( Not the braindead ones who tend to just end up turning to ghouls)

Arthas handing it all though.. Don't really think so, there are books that detail progress of the DK's and I don't think Arthas is keeping track of it fully on. Of course he's the guy who sets the rules and is the boss but of course others are there to enforce and train and check progress.

Of course it's just a joke but still some involvement has to be there :
Name: Harmony
Status: Deceased
Comment: The name of this death knight was found in violation of common Scourge decency. Struck down by the Lich King.

But I wouldn't say he handpicks you. I belive you yourself are handpicked by yourself. You are risen, you seem legit, you get put to various tests and training, learning, if you haven't gotten killed or executed (sleeping, trying to escape, and done your job well then you probably are doing well.

You end up becoming a commander not a general. Possibly a commander of a platoon of scourge. Or who knows it doesn't say. Probably not all were by the time of the battle commanders either, but the best were (And no not just the player is promoted to commander). One just gets called a Champion of Morgraine, which sounds like one of the more average ranks.

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Re: Loldodging?

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