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Chastity Taragon

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Character name: Baroness Chastity Charity Taragon.
Alias: Chastity, Miss Taragon, goddamn creeper.
She has an illusionary guise she named Zylphia, which she more freely associates with her cultist and magical doings. Quite difficult to recognise as Chastity, given the body type, voice and apparent age are all drastically altered into resembling a porcelain-skinned young adult with a sultry voice and a bit too much curves to be believable.
Gender: Female.
Age: 68, give or take a birthday coming up.
Race: Human, afflicted with the worgen curse.
Class: Shadow priest with some mage schooling, mainly the Illusion school.

Birth region: Gilneas.
Specific area/town: Duskhaven, more towards the path leading into the city. Sunk now, of course.
Family: Being as old as she is, her parents are deceased. She had a daughter, Charity Taragon (Until she married), that she has been out of contact with for years.
Steelbloom is an unregistered grandchild of hers, given up to harvest-witches to prevent gossip about having a child out of wedlock - no big deal for a commoner, but Charity was determined to keep her bloodline and family reputation unscathed.
Known friends or enemies: Esther Absinthe Redgrave is her room-mate and lover, though that doesn't stop either of them from playing away behind the others' back. Asides from the quarter-elf, she is very lacking in the friends department.

Little and frail, standing 5"3 with her age apparent in her smiley face and bony hands, sharp and thin with nails like claws. Her skin is an almost-unnatural white that might hurt the eyes of unlookers under the sun - when she dons an illusion at least. Her natural colours are a deep tan skin and grey hair. What parts of her aren't withered with the atrophy of age are saggy. Some arcane radiation implies the outward aging process was hastened, not unlike greying due to stress, and also that her hair may be dyed by illusionary magic.
She has rings in her ears and a silver stud in her tongue, the latter she blames on her 'three-quarters life crisis'.
Her movements are slow and practiced, perhaps deliberately so or perhaps the old woman finally slowing down with age.
A neat and precise bite mark is on her right bicep. An expert could pick the biter out as being canine, but there is more of a deliberate press into the skin than a mauling drag. Perhaps a little too neat to be the result of a mindless feral...

A tall, withered figure gives way to quite bony hands that end in brittle-looking, lengthly claws on long spidery fingers. Hair is greyed around the shrivelled muzzle and thin teeth in lighter flecks. Several of the long, pointy things poke out from beneath her lips.
The fur is lacking in luster, dryed out from her old age. Her hunch in her posture gives her the appearance of an old worgen hag, as does an overall unpleasant face - too thin, toothy and oddly wrinkled with eyes that bore into someone as if they're her next meal. Large, malicious eyes hold a bluish cloudy smudge within the pupils, like cataracts on a dog. Her ears are pert and leathery, the peculiar texture preventing them from drooping.

With her illusionary guise, she still stands 5"3 but considerably curvier with a much younger face. The figure alone might point towards her appearance being an illusion in its exaggerated size. Her skin is an almost-unnatural white that might hurt the eyes of onlookers under the sun. Cheek bones appear higher and eyes given a stern, narrower shape in an effort to make herself look more outwardly attractive, complimented by lengthly black curls spilling out of her hood. She gives off a stronger arcane feel than normal.
Her movements are slow and practiced, perhaps deliberately so or perhaps the woman can't quite keep her old clicks and wobbles from betraying her age. Even her voice is altered, taking on a deeper and more sultry tone than her high-pitched yappy Gilnean voice.
If one were to start poking her face like a personal space invader, they may feel the textures don't quite add up with her appearance - her skin has the soft loss of elasticity of age and not the smooth luster of youth. One might simply phase through the illusionary wide hips if they stand too close, though in Shadowform she tries to mimic the shape as best as she can.
She has managed to provide some texture edits lately with arcane, though it is a work in progress. Clipping and feeling like a wrinkle-bag still happens sporadically.

Personality: Outwardly, a perky, smiley old woman making her rounds through Stormwind and engaging in old lady activities like drinking tea and going window-shopping for vintage garments. When enough heads are turned away, a creepy manipulative lech that uses her age to confuse and disgust targets. In the 'right' company, a ruthless Shadow-wielder who's personal belief in drawing on the Shadow even centers simply around benefiting herself. Whereas Light wielders have positive intentions, hers involve either malicious intent, personal gain, some degree of selfishness or simply survival and self defense. Shadows' main appeal to her is its' lack of catches, with arcane having three catches to its' one main benefit and fel risking what she perceives as a loss of control in the corruption that comes with it - she would rather decide her destiny as she is now without fel tipping her off into levels of evil that even she isn't comfortable with.
In short, hedonistic, callous and selfish as hell with few moral leanings. A bit campy with a vanity that tries to conceal any insecurity over her appearance - though she allows her age to show and will happily twirl in front of a mirror, her hair is black solely due to illusion, and her skin would normally be darker.
History: Born to parents scrambling to keep their family name thriving, poor fertility on their part meant they only had the one daughter to contend with. Asides from classes in poise, etiquette and how to properly drink tea like a good Baroness she was pretty spoilt. Unfortunately, her lack of discipline outside of her noble duties and a bit of arcane corruption was all it took for her to become a self-absorbed, self-serving brat of a villain in the making. Her parents passing on judgemental standards on non-Gilneans, the working class and the anyone-that-isn't-a-fancypants-noble did not help. She was allowed to enroll in mage studies in a class of several others, taking up the Illusion school and not much else.
She took interest in a halfbreed her age, initially seeing her as something exotic she could piss off her parents with. In time she grew fond of Ettie, dragging her out of the magical school to show off her estate and silver. Her mother turned a blind eye until her adulthood started nearing. Eventually the time came for Chastity to be married off, her parents putting their foot down and barring her from seeing the girl. She fought this decision but relented at the prospect of gold and the feeling of arranged marriage being inevitable for someone of her standing. Some poorly-worded explanation later and the quarter-elf stormed out of her life after some less-than-stellar parting words on both sides. This cost the both of them several decades apart, with Esther moving out of Gilneas sometime after.
She came to at least enjoy the combined wealth, even if her and her new husband George butted heads and didn't quite click at all - with his standing being less than hers, in a peculiar move she got to keep her surname and he took hers. Not wanting to lose her boon of freedom along with her new addition of gold, she sought out some harvest-witches for contraceptives and dabbled in alchemy. This worked, with her lack of conceiving being blamed on her familys' genetic issues for years, until the day she became that tiny contraceptive failure statistic. She bore a daughter named Charity she quietly resented for absorbing time and money, like all children do. She became more of a daddys' girl, and when she was grown up she jumped ship to her arranged husband's surname - her mother doing something scandalous and gossip-worthy involving a house-party with several High or half or literally high elves wrecked the Taragon name.
Her husband had had enough of her general eccentricies and the incident causing gasps and sniggers that would go on for years was the last straw. He divorced her and the process finalized soon after a falling chandelier failed to make impact with him in his house. Her source of extra gold gone, her parents shunning her and the last heir to the Taragon name throwing it away impacted her hard. She disowned her daughter in a fit of fury and misdirected blame, an act that swiftly wound up in her living alone with a less fancy house.
Few rich folk were throwing out invitations for her to attend parties. When an old contact from her days in the mage school sent out word for her, she happily chased up her proposal of training up a group of casters to harness and learn more about a divine magic school she recently learned about via the ramblings of a preacher. She didn't really believe her ramblings about anarchy being the way to end suffering, paying lip service and drawing upon self-centred intent to cast the Shadow. In time, children were born in the Brightgales' shelter, births concealed from the outside world and crimes committed in the name of bringing about change to the world. Minerva Brightgale had inherited her families' homeless shelter after a horse and carriage accident her parents perished in. The Greymane Wall in particular was poorly-received by them.
Things grew steadily out of control, with even Chastity manipulated further into seclusion to prove her loyalty towards the end. After enough failed predictions, Minerva found the Wolf Cult and gleefully signed her members up to it. She believed everyone becoming feral would be the end of suffering indirectly brought about by rules, such as those who had wound up in the shelter due to losing their home via laws regarding lack of rent payment for example...Or so she said. Not wanting to anger a load of similarly-powerful Shadow priests, Chastity went through with a Starlight Slasher killing to earn the worgen form.
She later awoke to find herself 'cured' of the affliction in Gilneas, confused and lost with the cult having dispersed and whittled away after their failure to turn everyone into a raving feral beast. With no Coalition to return to, her eyes were opened to the lack of freedom she had had in the past two decades. She swore never to be so easily manipulated again, donning an illusionary guise to work alone. The past few years before she signed up to the Slaughtered Lamb were spent travelling for magical research, artifacts and power by herself until eventually, hiding her findings within Darnassus became a little too much and she moved to Stormwind. She was hesitant but reckons it is in her best interest to work in a group rather than by herself, given how slow the study and findings were as the shady guise of Zylphia.
Dithering about Karazhan had her bump into a warlock, who's reagents she quickly stole. Over the course of combat she quickly realised the face belonged to her old flame - after sheepishly revealing herself, the two reconciled quite quickly and picked up where they left off.
After her experiments in venturing in the Shadow realm resulted in her becoming lost for over a week, she quickly hid away from the cult under the fear they would punish her violently for desertion. Though it wasn't in the groups' nature to punish someone for becoming lost, after years in a less-than-stellar cult she was fearful. Since then, her guise of Zylphia joined a mercenary band only for it to fold soon after, returning to soloing magical research - occassionally trying to bribe Larissa to not rat her out to the Slaughtered Lamb.
Things you may know about this character: Creeps around Stormwind invading personal space and eyebrow-waggling at people that generally want to be left alone. Acts like an innocent old lady when confronted with this.
Lives above the barbershop in a teeny one-room abode, the previous occupants having perished via drowning in the canal and death by murlocs respectively, or so it seems.
Is the last Taragon of Duskhaven. Information known by those that like chasing up Gilnean noble family history and places-that-got-destroyed-by-the-Cataclysm history.
Things you may not know about this character: Intersex. Not really apparent save for her occassionally calling someone a "dyadic plebian".
Pretty much everything to do with her previous cult. Whilst she'll make mention of being in another group of casters previously she keeps any identifiable details to herself. Whilst they weren't discovered, they did merge into the Wolf Cult, an act that any Gilnean with the faintest tinge of patriotism would have her head for.
Hired an assassin to rid of the previous occupants above the barbershop. One seemingly drowned in the canal, the others' body being found near murloc territory. Beneath some loose floorboards one can find some erotica novels laid out like bricks - as a false flag to distract from the Gnomish skeletons beneath.
Possible crime record: She hasn't really been caught out on anything, offenses ranging from opening someones' mail to appear rebellious and interesting to some pirate lads that came into town, to the more severe such as partaking in the Starlight Slasher killings - crimes that led up to the fall of Gilneas.

Other information: The Taragons started off well enough historically, but a series of congenital abnormalities made its way into their bloodline. The details were kept secret to the point of bribing families with silver that suddenly balked from arranged marriages with theirs to ensure their silence. This affected fertility at times, with some members producing either no or very little offspring. With the last heir taking on the surname of another family, they have essentially died out - though intersex conditions still crop up.
In real life terms, she would look like she was from India - her Zylphia guise in particular may bring to mind a Bollywood actress.
She has a bit of insecurity regarding her skin tone, growing up surrounded by pastier Gilneans and coming to see paleness as an ideal.
Likes tea and going all-out on bubblebaths.
Bisexual with zero interested in her, much as she likes to pretend otherwise.
Though a powerful caster to be reckoned with, her age severely limits her flexibility and resistance to disease. The worgen curse has been a major improvement on the agility point, though it isn't without its' clicky bones.

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