[H-RP] Pariahs Sanctuary (V1.1 Updated)

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[H-RP] Pariahs Sanctuary (V1.1 Updated)

Post by Balrukin on Sun Feb 15, 2015 2:56 pm

Version 1.1 Updates

- Added Introduction
- Edited IC to include more "story"
- Added Ranks
- General clean up



Hello Defias!

My name is Marvin going by the names of Thygro or Bal'rukin Bloodeye in the beautiful World of Warcraft.
I have started playing seriously (combined with RP) around September of last year and quickly joined in with the Orcs of the Red Blade. Although I was reasonably new to RP in WoW and the game in general, I picked it up quite fast through the help of the Blades, if I may say so myself. My past RP experience consists of SWTOR and GW2 and pen and paper RPG's like Shadowrun.

But enough about me, the reason I created this guild was because I noticed I was unable to keep up with the speed most story arcs go at due to my often unpredictable and sometimes heavy work load I get through my day job and side projects. The idea behind the guild is to create an environment where, while events are encouraged greatly, the biggest focus lies in short story arcs and casual RP.

The ultimate goal is that the working man or woman who has little time for WoW in their daily life has the opportunity to RP without feeling like he is not in the loop of things that are going on in the world.



As we all grow older and get more and more responsibilities it is often hard to accommodate everyone's schedule. For some, RP eventually results in a "catching up with whatever happened and then go to bed" style which leaves little room for actual fun RP. Pariahs Sanctuary is created with an aim to counter that and create a fun RP environment for the working man/woman.

This means that Pariahs Sanctuary in a way, does not have a schedule nor a defined IC goal they strive for. Of course we will try and create as many events as we can while still keeping the structure open for people who just want to pop in and RP a little after a hard days work. We will also join in whenever there is room in realm wide RP events.

Pariahs Sanctuary is open for all races and aims to focus more on casual RP and adventuring.

Simply stated: If you feel that you can not keep up with the speed of most serious RP guilds because of your personal life, but you still want to RP as much as possible, this is the place for you.


Thygro is a Goblin who has been locked up for the majority of his life. Whenever he became a free Goblin once more, he set out to learn Engineering and Alchemy in order to create explosives might he ever find himself locked up again.

A few months ago, after he broke free again he decided to better his life so he joined a small group of mercenaries. He quickly noticed that the structured life was not for him, and left.

He met Bal'rukin Bloodeye a few weeks ago, Bal just got exiled from his tribe, the Orcs of the Red Blade. While still being affiliated to the tribe, he would forever be known as a Oathbreaker and no longer welcome.

After hearing Bal's tale Thygro decided he would create his own group, a group of outcasts and misfits, without strict rules but with the feeling of a brotherhood. With this group he would aim for fame among the other clans, guilds, tribes and groups of Azeroth for all members of the group he founded. " They will be known across the land but will always keep their freedom", he said to himself. "A group helping other groups, being involved with other groups, but never having to answer to those groups", he thought.

With these words in mind he decided to write a letter.

A letter to all outcasts and misfits of the Horde.


So ye got booted out of yer company eh? The tribe ye were runnin' wit' has kicked ya out because ye did'ne follow the rules?
Sick o' the rules them "leaders" wanna force ya tae follow?

Join the Pariahs Sanctuary right now! As a group of outcasts and misfits we make our own rules, freedom fer everyone we say!

Ye'r obligated tae nothin' but yerself when ye roll wit' us!

Kind regards,


Additional information

This section is for those who seek additional info and detail regarding the guilds activities.


- Founder
The "leader" if there even is something like that within this group.

- Famed
The "Officers" who stand by the side of the Founder.

- Known
The ones who have proven their worth.

- Unknown
New members who still need to make a name for themselves.

- Noname
Inactive players and/or players who ICly caused great harm against another member e.g. killing, stealing etc.


The guild will at this moment not actively partake in planned raiding, pvp or dungeons. Anyone who wants to start something like this is free to do so. In the future there will be more information on this topic as I currently do not know what the members want.

Initiation process

Anyone who wants to join goes through the standard IC and OOC interviews with one of the officers, keep in mind that the current officer pool is very low and we are searching for new members to join the team.

Realm wide RP

As posted by Kozgugore of the Red Blades, there will be a event called the Gathering on the 25th of Feb. Pariahs Sanctuary will do their best to attend this meeting and use this to start with the Realm wide RP which will be the majority of our events at the start.

In closing

For whoever made it this far, thank you for reading! I will actively update this post as we progress and hope to see you in game in the future. Interested to join? Your best bet would be to add me on my battletag or in game, the information is listed below.

Kind regards,

Characters: Thygro and Bálrukïn
Battletag: PUBlick#2899

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Re: [H-RP] Pariahs Sanctuary (V1.1 Updated)

Post by Allonia_Miral on Sun Feb 15, 2015 2:59 pm

Wonderful concept, and I wish you the best - I definitely feel stuff like that needed and welcome, at least.

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