Sixty Six Days of Red

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Sixty Six Days of Red

Post by Lyniath on Sun Feb 15, 2015 8:08 am

Kinda wanted to just write more Lynne stuff without having to look for dem RPs. Then I realised that like after a while writing, nothing had actually happened in this, so enjoy reading absolute filler XD


Day One
Several years ago...

The Library was her haven.
What good was the outside world going to provide, anyway? They were but a few miles from a festering necropolis packed with the Forsaken, and the space in between was dotted with towns of the damnable things – not to mention the other multitudes of monsters and madness. No, right here, Lynne was safe. She didn’t have to run through the land anymore delivering silly little missives and orders to camps, that was for the new rookies now – her time could be spent right here, studying in the monastery.

The candles flickered as she sat, long into the night, compiling excerpts for Doan on any history of the Light and the Arcane working in unison. Lynne had only the most fleeting knowledge of magic, but she knew a fair bit of the distrust from the rest of the Crusade in it was likely misplaced; by all means, she often thought, it’s hard to sometimes tell the difference between a simple arcane fire and one composed of fel energies. But a tool is a tool, and much magic is safe to use without corruption, so why not assist the Holy Flames of the lightbringers with spell casters? She shrugged, mind wandering again. Her thoughts often turned to fire lately – often she’d have visions of infernos in her sleep. Looking up, she noticed the rest of the library was empty, barely a whisper echoing down the lonely halls, and the sounds of her pages turning being the loudest entity to hear. Standing, she picked up a few of her tomes and began to head down the corridors to the courtyard.

She let out a soft sigh as she stepped into the open air, almost overwhelming in comparison to the stuffy interiors. The less military-aligned members of the Crusade were all in their bunks at this hour, but the footsteps of guards still rang out across the stones. One of them – a woman about Lynne’s age, black-haired and fair-skinned – came over to the wiry looking bookworm, smirking.
“Another late night, Sister Aeson?” she smirked, “Rumour has it you haven’t been in your chambers for a month”
Lynne smiled, half rolling her eyes at the remark.
“Good evening to you too, Emi. Don’t know why you get to laugh, you’re awake too!”

The two chuckled a little together, before taking a seat on a nearby stone bench – bright crimson banner draped on the wall behind them. They couldn’t be more in contrast with each other. The strong, plate-armoured soldier, short and messy hair upon her hair – and the scrawny looking scholar with long, tied up blonde locks and flowing scarlet robes. Emira yawned, stretching her arms.
“I don’t know why either, its bloody desolate outside. Haven’t seen a corpse in weeks, rest of the guys are gettin’ restless.”
“Isn’t that for the best? I mean, that means we’re finally cleaning up the land, aren’t we?”
Lynne was met with a single, disparaging sigh and a shake of the head, as Emira continued.
“Wish we were, but I mean… I’d not be so optimistic. Folk are sayin’ a bunch of the towers and outposts are fallen. Something big is coming, Lynne, but It’ll probably just be an exercise in failure for those abominations. Ain’t nothing bringing down this Monastery.”
There was a brief moment of agreement, before Lynne pulled a small note from her satchel, unfolding it.
“Oh, actually, I’m glad I caught you… they’re moving me back to Tyr’s Hand in a few weeks.”
“Really? Why?”
“No idea, but I mean that’s exciting, right? I finally get to go back home, Light, my Mother is still a Captain over there as far as I hear.”

Around that moment, another patrol of footmen entered the courtyard, seemingly coming off duty.  There were three of them – a very large, imposing looking man in mail armour; a smaller, younger man with a patchy beard and greasy black hair; and a woman a little older than the pair of them, in priestly robes. The woman clearly seemed the more senior, and was the first to speak.
“Sister Aeson? Sister Dawnbrook? I do hope you two have better things to be doing right now that chit-chatting in the courtyard like a couple of delinquent children.”
Smirking again, Lynne and Emira looked at each other then back to the “bossy lady”, nodding. Lynne sighed apologetically
“I apologise, Ma’am. I was merely heading back to my chambers, and my acquaintance here was just… she was just heading off-duty.”
The priestess frowned, holding her hand to her chin.
“Very well… but I’ll have my eyes kept close on you two. This lapse of vigilance on the parts of you two could cost us dearly, and I shan’t have our sacred grounds infiltrated by those bastard undead because of some giggling schoolchildren. Next time this happens, I’ll have the pair of you sent down to Vishas for the night.”

Standing, Lynne and Emira bowed their heads in regretful respect. Almost without a word but with uncanny synchronisation, all members present left to their own respective directions.

Lynne’s chambers were nothing much to look at, but they would do just fine. A bed, basic enough; a small closet with clothes in a vast range of colours, from Bright Red to Slightly Faded Bright Red; and a desk, packed near to the ceiling with various tomes, journals and stacks of parchment. As with most rooms, a large crimson banner hung by the bedside, along with a small table and candles that provided just enough light to read and write without eye-strain. Slumping over in her bed, she stared at the ceiling, and waited for sleep to take her - it would be quite a while before that happened.

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Re: Sixty Six Days of Red

Post by NicholasBullard (Taph) on Sun Feb 15, 2015 2:56 pm

Nice nugget of character background. Also the color joke at the end x)
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