Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

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Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Sadok on Sat Feb 14, 2015 2:14 pm

(I've shamelessly poached this concept from the WoW RP forums, but hey!)

Personally speaking, the Garrison follower system is one of the most bittersweet parts of WoD for me. I love sending my own personal minions out on Missions, and Bodyguards have some great RP utility (even if the list of bodyguards themselves isn't much). That said, early in WoD Alpha you had considerably more customisation, including renaming your followers -- the number of quirky minor characters I could have created in my Garrison would have been off the charts.

But enough rant! If your RP characters were followers in the canonical Commander's Garrison, what would their follower quality, abilities, traits and Garrison habits be? And give explanations wherever you can!

Bear in mind that follower quality also limits abilities and traits: uncommon followers have 1 ability, 1 trait; rare have 1 ability, 2 traits; epic has 2 abilities, 3 traits!

For a list of the Class abilities and traits, check here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Here's mine:

Sadok Sharptongue - Rare Frost Mage
(He hit 'rare' in late 2012 where he was rising in importance as High Blade of the tribe and leading the Arcane Conclave, but he's largely flatlined since then in influence.)

Ability 1: Polymorph, counters Deadly Minions.
(Turning a dangerous enemy into a sheep both neutralises it and humiliates it. The best solution for Sadok's continued existence and his ego.)
Trait 1: Orcslayer
(Sadok has killed a lot of orcs. Green orcs, brown orcs, evil orcs, good orcs. He's even killed some accidentally. Oops?)
Trait 2: Death Fascination
(Sadok's arcane training led him to the Undercity, and the Forsaken have long fascinated him. His brief spell as a risen undead orc proved that the rose was off the bloom, but he still thinks better of the Forsaken than many of his peers.)

Garrison Habits:
Sadok would be ecstatic if his Commander had the Spirit Lodge, likely to spend most of his days reading, researching and shirking manual labor. Since that building isn't too popular, however, Sadok would overtake the Tower of War and try and convert it into a library until his traits were rerolled and he was sent to slave in the Mines forever as punishment.


Luk the Peon - Uncommon Destruction Warlock
(Luk has never courted publicity, preferring to hide under the guise of a peon to avoid arousing suspicion.)

Ability 1: Unending Resolve, counters Massive Strike
(Luk never flaunts his pyromaniacal tendencies, but he is capable of calling upon the shadows to increase his tenacity -- he is a survivor with the lovability of a cockroach.)
Trait 1: Mining
(Oof, Luk haz pick. Luk mine dem black rockz an' find pretty, shiny gems.)

Garrison Habits:
If not sent to the mine, Luk would generally follow the other Garrison peons, lumbering and performing manual labor, lest his disguise fail.


Foster Lafitte - Uncommon Shadow Priest
(Father Foster keeps to himself, and has been more concerned with sermonising in local settings than making friends or enemies.)

Ability 1: Dominate Mind, counters Minion Swarms
(Though such a polite, affable figure, Foster has ways of assuring compliance from his underlings, and manipulates them to ensure their loyalty.)
Trait 1: Fast Learner
(Foster is a keen observer of others' etiquette and foibles, shrewdly doing his best to further his objectives by scheming on the fly.)

Garrison Habits:
The cold does not concern Foster much, and he would probably take a peculiar interest in Profession Buildings or the Trading Post, to increase his knowledge of some unknown subjects.

So what about your characters, guys and girls? What would -they- look like if they were Garrison followers?

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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by siegmund on Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:09 pm

Siegmund - Uncommon Rogue
(He's either invisible right now or has run off again, best keep looking.)

Ability 1: Evasion, counters Massive Strike
(Evasive even when under effects of the dreaded Glitter bomb at least most of the time as well as when you want to send him to farm items for you. Also people demand his burst of speed be nerfed.)

Trait 1: Epic Mount
(Yes, yes he is.)

Garrison Habits:
Lurking around and farming conquest points each week and inspecting work of fellow followers, sometimes something is missing, but he always claims it wasn't him. Keep away from certain items as it has been noted he tends to raise a army of turkeys and/or Coppersockets. Unpredictable follower. Wait what are you doing in her--

Sinister strike hit you for 9k (4k overkill)


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Lyniath on Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:48 pm

You used to be able to rename/customize? Damn Sad one of my biggest gripes with garrisons as a whole is the lack of customization


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Sadok on Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:58 pm

Lyniath wrote:You used to be able to rename/customize? Damn Sad one of my biggest gripes with garrisons as a whole is the lack of customization


Anyway, more character-followers! More!


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Krogon Devilstep on Sat Feb 14, 2015 5:21 pm

Krogon Devilstep - Epic Combat Rogue
(He hit 'Epic' in early 2014 during the end of the Siege of orgrimmar and the culmination of his formulating the Northern rebellion.)

Ability 1: Evasion, counters Massive Strike.
(When an enemy tries to cleave Krogon clean in two, he easily dodges and evades, much to his foes annoyance.)

Ability 2: Marked For Death, counters timed battle.
(When an enemy has him racing against the clock, Krogon knows exactly where to put something sharp to end it fast.)

Trait 1: Demonslayer
(Krogon has killed... a lot of demons, yep, lots. Though he much preffers and far more enjoys killing those who summon them, a lot, yes, stab.)

Trait 2: Extra Training
(Krogon likes to promote team work, in the sense that he's bit of a hard-ass drill sergeant type, any Orc or follower on the same mission stands to gain plenty of added experience. Like it or not.)

Trait 3: Blacksmithing
(The old Blademaster is very much at home working in the forge, and renowned the world over for crafting weapons of superb and deadly quality.)

Garrison Habits:
Krogon would be very unhappy left idle in the garrison, and as such would stalk around restlessly grumbeling from place to place. If stuck in the garrison for too long he may find a secluded corner beyond the cliffs to meditate, or ply his hand to getting some dam work done in the blacksmiths workshop.

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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Ixirar/Kavalis on Sat Feb 14, 2015 5:41 pm

Epic followers have 3 traits, Krogon :p


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Adry on Sat Feb 14, 2015 6:35 pm

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]Adelane Morgan - Rare Marksmanship Hunter
(Hit Epic when she constructed her Sky Golem, Sheila. Demoted to Rare again for many different shortcomings.)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Ability 1: Overkill
(Counters Timed Battle. Adelane has a penchant for firepower, and her various creations are as efficiently deadly as they are bizarre.)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Trait 1: Scavenger
(Increases the garrison resources gained from a mission by 200%. Always on the lookout for new bits and bobs to turn into weapons- just hope she'll be willing to share.)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Trait 2: Engineering
(Sells engineering gadgets and boosts work orders when assigned to the Engineering Works. Should probably be supervised at all times.)


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Lyniath on Sat Feb 14, 2015 7:54 pm

Lynne Aeson - Rare Fire Mage
(I'd imagine her position as a surviving Scarlet Arcanist places her more rare than uncommon, though I could see her as either. Regardless, in no way is she anything special like Epic)

Ability One: Flamestrike - Group Damage Counter
So yeah, a lot of the Mage followers seem to ignore Fire as a talent tree, but Lynne is at best a Fire Mage, and at worst a Priest who knows some pyromancy, so this seems adequate. She can counter rambling undead with a pillar of arcane (or holy) fire.

Trait One: Humanist.
Lynne is a former / Current Scarlet Crusader. She doesn't trust MOST races, but at least with Humankind she has experience of somewhat finding them agreeable to her plans. Otherwise she views races as between "tolerable" and "outright evil"

Trait Two: Scavenger.
She's been living off the land for a LONG time. If anyone's worked out how to turn random loot from fights into usable resources, it's Lynne.

Garrison Habits:
Lynne would spend much of her time praying by the fountain, or spending time within the town hall trying to guide it's inhabitants upon a more righteous path. However, on days where Lillian Voss is a quest option, Lynne would spent all day hidden in bushes outside the Lunarfall inn, cautiously spying on the undead.


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Therak on Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:50 am

Therak Duskstalker - Rare Subtlety Rogue (Orc)
Therak hit rare a long time ago, when he quickly rose to be the Right Hand to the Bandit King in the Sixty Thieves. Becoming Varog'Gor in the Red Blades has pushed him further in his quest for true epicness.

Ability One: Evasion
Therak always had a knack for surviving. It's not that he doesn't get hit, but after being trampled by a pit lord, pushed off a cliff (twice) and been hurt more times then he can be bothered to count. He just has a knack for turning that massive strike into something that'll leave him alive, if just barely.

Trait One: Cold Blooded
Therak grew up in snow, he lived in snow and he just loves the snow. Nothing compares to the beauty of an untouched snow covered landscape. He's learned to turn what others seem to consider a vile and horrid climate to his ally.
Trait Two: Fast Learner
Therak always had a knack for learning, able to read himself to alot of knowledge and convert what he's read into practical knowledge.

Garrison Habits:
Therak would spend much of his time by the fire, opening stacks of letters and lobbing the crumpled up paper into the flames once he's read them. Who writes him that many letters? Is it a fanclub? (Unlikely) or does he just have that many pen pals. When asked he'll simply respond that it's friends he's keeping in contact with. Occasionally  He'll switch this behaviour to cooking something in a small cauldron.


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Krogon Devilstep on Sun Feb 15, 2015 5:21 am

Ixirar/Kavalis wrote:Epic followers have 3 traits, Krogon :p

Yes... well... fixed D:<

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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Skaraa on Sun Feb 15, 2015 6:16 am

This seems like fun, if you're not fussed about reading all of these, read Sca'fons. ^^


Eyri Seragon - Uncommon Assassination Rogue
Eyri Seragon, heir to the founder of the Theatre of Blood, has much to still live up to. And through his tireless dedication, may one day become the next Master Assassin (or die horribly).

Marked for Death - Counters Timed Battle
More to prove, or not, he has become very good at killing people quickly. Especially when he throws in a good poison or two.

Eyri gained a great deal of experience killing Kor'Kron prior to, and after, the Siege of Orgrimmar.

Garrison Habits
Eyri likes to hone his skills at the Gladiators Sanctum and plan his next move in the Town Hall, before tucking in for a night of drinks and poorly worded seduction at the Tavern.

Sca'fon - Uncommon Feral Druid
Zul'sca used to be a Witch Doctor, then he heard the call of the Loa to a somewhat different path. He outcast himself from normal Troll society and became a nomad; Sca'fon, a Troll Druid who took on the forms of Shirvallah and Hireek.

Dash - Counters Danger Zones
Sca'fon knows when is the time to 'advance in the opposite direction', and swaps forms gracefully to flee with his pride somewhat intact.

Dancer - Counters Danger Zones
Sca'fon used to be Naturalist, until he used the Supreme Manual of Dance without realising it would overwrite one of his current traits. Now he doesn't just look good, but he also dances like it's 1999.

Garrison Habits
Sca'fon, thanks to the Supreme Manual of Dance, knows how to bogey. He spends his time half-naked dancing around the campfire in strange, drug-induced, Troll rituals. He also does laps of the perimeter in his bat form.


Vallure - Rare Blood Death Knight

Vallure was once a proud magister, sent to Northrend by his master to investigate rumours of potent necromancy on Azeroth (under the belief that the species here couldn't possibly have mastered the Arcane such as to pose his apprentice a threat), Vallure was slain and risen into Undeath. Ironically, whilst he wasn't the most competent of mages before his death, it turns out he has somewhat of a knack for necromancy.

Dark Command - Counters Wild Aggression
Death Knights are walking machines of death and destruction, able to withstand vast amounts of physical punishment. It seems only right, to Vallure, that he take advantage of this state.

Vallure, like most Death Knights, served against the Scourge. Thus, is there is one thing he knows how to do, it is killing undead and aberrations.

Burst of Power
They say that death is patient, Vallure isn't.

Garrison Habits
Vallure hates being back 'home' - that is, not on the front lines. As such, he wanders around attempting to find trouble to get himself into. Occasionally, he indulges his Death Knight lust for pain by killing innocent critters and exploding their corpses. He also likes long walks on the beach.

Skaraa Mikolaas - Epic Arcane Mage
Archmagister Skaraa Mikolaas, Scholar, at your service. Skaraa is back and ready to rock, or his alternative timeline self is. Although he is currently unwilling to leave Draenor and knows nothing of his 'timeline A' self's transgressions, but it's nice to have a guest appearance, isn't it?

Counterspell - Counters Powerful Spell
Skaraa is an abjuration mage, and as such he specialises in countering the offensive of his enemy and using it against them.

Ice Block - Counters Massive Strike
Skaraa's adept use of magical barriers and wards has saved his allies many times (or... his alternative self's use of- oh this is getting confusing).

Extra Training
Skaraa is a Scholar and a teacher above all else. He studies and then he spreads knowledge across the world. There can be no better legacy then inspiring the next generation.

Skaraa has spent a great many years (thousands, in fact) fighting the Legion in his people's flight from Argus. Whilst he may be terrified of Felhunters, he knows -how- to kill pretty much every demon out there (the ones that can be killed, anyway).

High Stamina
When you live for some 30,000 years, you learn that patience is a virtue. Skaraa waits for the opportune moment to strike.

Garrison Habits
Skaraa spends his time interacting with others; whether it be lecturing in a Mage Tower, or posing as a kindly old man in the Tavern. Often with book in hand.


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Zhakiri on Sun Feb 15, 2015 8:40 am

Zhakiri the Beast - Rare Feral Druid (Troll)
(Rare due his disappearing act for several long years, hidden in the wilds of the Stranglethorn Vale as nothing more than a wild animal, you could consider his appearance back into Troll society as a 'rare' event.)

Ability 1: Dash, counters Danger Zones.
(Constantly on the look-out, Zhakiri is apt at keeping himself out of dangers way when the need arises!)
Trait 1: Burst of Power
(Survival instincts will only get you so far, sometimes you have to fight rather than flee and Zhakiri will often turn the tide of a short battle with savage strikes to cut bigger foes down to size!)
Trait 2: Voodoo Zealot
(A traditional Troll, Zhakiri isn't too fond of other races and works best with his own kind, revelling in ritualistic voodoo.)

Garrison Habits:
Zhakiri would prowl around the garrison, skulking in dark corners unseen either as Troll or in his Primal Form gifted by Shirvallah; he would become rather restless and would badger the Commander to be sent out on missions regularly. As a change to this, he would relax by the fires engaging in conversation to boast of his recent successes!



Active - Zhakiri - Darkspear Primal of the Painted Skulls.
Active - Gashuk, Son of Garrak- Gul'thauk Spirit Walker of the Red Blades.

Inactive - Falarth Thorgint- Arathorian Battlemage.
Inactive - Nygarth Thorgint- Arathorian Veteran.
Inactive - Orthur Thorgint- Arathorian Blood Priest.


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Grim on Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:44 am

Grim Stonepaw - Epic Enhancement Shaman
Epic not just due to his position of power but due to his notoriety!

Ability 1: Cleave, counters Deadly Minions
While he is a shaman Grim was trained as a blademaster first and has never lost his skill in combat.

Ability 2: Purify Spirit, counters Magic Debuff
Grim is closely attuned with the element of earth and is blessed with a strong constitution and ability to shrug off debilitating effects because of this.

Trait 1: Child of Draenor
Trait 2: Totemist
Trait 3: Voodoo Zealot
These three traits are all due to Grim's charisma. He inspires trust and devotion among many who fight beside him, especially those from more 'primal' races such as orcs, tauren and trolls.

Garrison Habits:
Grim is not a social beast and is never at home within large crowds. As such he may often be found alone, sat meditating by the pools at the rear of the garrison. On occasion he may be found by the campfire pretending not to dislike everyone and everything.

[H] Warseer Grim Stonepaw - Orc - Battle Shaman and Chieftain of the Blood Wolf Clan
[H] Brok Frostfeud - Orc - Monk and Prospect of the Blood Wolf Clan
[H] Mayana - Orc - Rogue and spy for the Blood Wolf Clan
[H] Guk Swordshatter - Orc - Illusionist, murderer and psychopathic bitch


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Sakarah on Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:45 am

What a fun idea... I'll join the bandwagon.

Sakarah Mistrunner - Epic Restoration Druid
Having been A Shatterskull warcaller for four years then transitioning to a Blood Wolf Alpha, Sakarah has had several positions of responsibility since the Shu'Halo joined Thralls Horde.

Ability one: Shapeshift (danger zones)
A slippery fish. Sakarah can adapt to varying scenarios utilising either bird or cat form to avoid danger, thus keeping her unharmed for longer periods of time to deal with casualties.

Ability two: Wild Growth (Group damage)
With restoration as her strength, Sakarah can sprout large soothing mushrooms from the earth to mend those in a moderate radius to them.

Trait One: Fast learner
Deeply interested in all the wonders of Azeroth and beyond.
Trait Two: Naturalist
Sakarah can read woodland like an open book.
Trait Three: High stamina
Resourceful and versatile, she can adapt to changing events over passing of time.

Garrison Habits:
May be found in the herb garden studying. Hasn't been known to appear anywhere else, stray shed animal fur being the only other indication of potential previous presence.


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Coppersocket on Mon Feb 16, 2015 7:17 am

Mineral Coppersocket - Uncommon Priest
Quiet and observant, these are the first traits of this Gnome that one might notice. Don't let her silence fool you however, this Gnome is not one shy of words. Once she speaks, she might not stop.

Ability 1: Divine Shield, counters Massive Strike
(While terrible at the actual spell, she's shown signs of feverishly train to perfect it. But to little avail.)

Trait 1: Jewelcrafting
(She just loves to tinker... With jewelry!)

Garrison Habits:
Can be found sitting near a persons Barracks (If they own one) listening in to the banter of the guards as a quiet observer.
If no Barrack exists she will be found slowly walking after the player, observing their actions.


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Baji on Mon Feb 16, 2015 5:02 pm

Baji Teabelly - Common Beast Master Hunter
Humble and awkward, Baji Teabelly would rather not engage in combat but still manages to get out of trouble somehow! He's still learning the ropes of using a gun. His pets, however, would defend him with their lives.

Ability 1: Feign Death (Counters: Wild Aggression)
Baji would pretend he's already died or hide while his pet leaps on his enemy's face!

Garrison Habits:
Baji would be found in the inn enjoying some tea, brew and lots and lots of food!

Being Common means he lacks any additional traits or abilities Wink


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Rinoi on Tue Feb 17, 2015 3:16 am

Rinoi Du’nai - Rare Protection Warrior
Chief of the Braves. From the daughter of an infamous admiral, to a private in the army, a sailor in the navy and at last an adventurer in the Band, her path swirls left and right. She has no idea where she'll end up, but the road has toughened her up. After the Band's Pandaria Campaign, her skill and mastery of the curious artifacts she had acquired made her a rare companion to have on your side!

Ability: Taunt - Forces an enemy to attack the warrior. (Counters: Wild Aggression)
Whenever she draws her sword and board- she's sure to spit insults at whatever she perceives as the enemy. Hurtfulness or wittiness may vary. But insults -will- be shouted!

Trait: Salty Sailor - Increases success chance when doing missions at sea.
Rinoi grew up in Booty Bay, and has served at sea or on naval missions for much of her life. She adores sailing and the ocean, and feels most alive with the salt winds howling past her face, standing on the bow of a sturdy ship.

Trait: Canine Companion - Increases success chance when on a mission with a worgen. Or she might be distracted by these fluffy hunks/beauties. Could go either way.
She is engaged to the worgen, Tarlin Hawthorne, but even so she can't help but cast glances at the collection of other gruff Gilneans. With their curious accents, bleak and dramatic manners, and big, fluffy physiques.

Garrison Habits
Whatever Rinoi will do, she will do it loudly and with conviction. She enjoys  food and drink- so she'll often be found quaffing booze or eating large meals (preferably containing meat, grease or as part of pandaren cuisine). Or she'll be out by the training dummies, hacking and kicking them to bits as if they were real enemies. In calmer, more introvert moments, she could be found staring out to sea, or by the water. Contemplating life, or pondering over the wording of the letters she writes.


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

Post by Tantzui on Tue Feb 17, 2015 7:28 am

Tantzui - Rare Assasination Rogue (Troll)
Sneaky troll of the Painted Skulls is known from his fine stabbing and obession on alcoholics and smokes. Still young on his age and many adventures ahead in the future!

Ability: Marked for Death (Timed Battle) - Used by a rogue to greatly increase burst damage.
(Tantzui picks his targets with care. Easy kills with no risks. Unfair advantage is the way to roll!)

Trait: Skinning - Boosts work order production based on follower level while assigned to the Barn.
(It's a cultural thing. You cant scalp heads without some basic knowledge of skinning.)

Trait: Urbanite - Increases success chance when fighting in a town.
(Young orphan troll has spent enough time in Orgrimmar to learn hide well in the dark alleys and stalk on the roofs.)

Garrison Habits: If garrison has Tavern in it, relaxed Tant can be found there drinking and socializing with others. Casually bursting to dance all sudden and sometimes puking over the floor. If garrison doesn't have Tavern Tant restlessly wanders around the camp. Sometimes trying to catch a fish or stab a rat with no luck.


Rahxo Soulprice - Rare Demonology Warlock (Goblin)
Dressed in classy silken robe, decorated with fel-green symbols and wearing a pointy hat. This is the man behind trademarked motto: "Soul Trade & Deals With Demons!"

Ability: Drain Life (Group Damage) - Cast by a warlock to regain life.
(First you got to tase some life-essence to determine if his soul is any worth!)

Trait: Enchanting - Offers a variety of enchanting benefits when assigned to the Enchanter's Study.
(Soul trade in a form of a glowing weapon enchant! Best deals you can get pal!)

Trait: Demonslayer - Increases success chance when fighting demons.
(They'll make some worthy slaves if you get to know them a bit better! ..)

Garrison Habits: He spents his free-time observing portals in your Spirit Lodge (if you got one). Sometimes he can be found preparing some odd summoning rituals in the depths of your mine!


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Re: Your Character(s) as Garrison Followers

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