(H) Gathering of the Storm (4th March @ 20.00)

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(H) Gathering of the Storm (4th March @ 20.00)

Post by Baji on Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:42 am

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Gathering of the Storm!

*A letter is dispatched to all Horde members of merit and renown and known (Horde) members of the Cenarion Circle and Earthen Ring and associates.*

You are hear by called to a meeting of the elements! Draenor has proven itself a harsh, wild and unforgiving land and if we are to understand it, survive and be able to defeat the Iron Horde, we must be able to commune with these spirits and perhaps even tame them. Shamanism has always been at the heart of of the Horde and through this key belief, we should come together once more to discuss important matters and plan ahead.

Come on the forth day of the third month to Frostfire Ridge, at Darkspear's Edge we will meet and upon the icy plains of Frostfire we will attempt to speak with the spirits...


Assuming your character is on Draenor and established somewhere where he can receive mail IC (by raven, magic or otherwise), you can choose to accept this letter!

What is it?: This is an idea I had, though it's probably been attempted before, to gather the Horde's shaman, elementalists, druids, and the like together to discuss things relevant to the elements, the land, and spirits, much like the Arcane Conclave does for Mages.  

When is it?: Currently not set in stone but I had hope to do it after the Horde Gathering on Wednesday 4th March at 20:00 realm time.

Where is it?: Frostfire Ridge

What's going to happen?: In short, I don't know! It will be the first meeting. I would like to gather roleplayers together and discuss their IC experience of the world of Draenor and perhaps attempt a ritual to calm the elements (DM'd?) and, if successful, perhaps give those who participated some kind of future IC buff to be used sparingly in any future IC/DM'd campaign against the Iron Horde

Who may attend?: Any nature-based characters. If you are not the obvious choices (shaman, druid), you cannot expect to be accommodated without good reason which should made clear at the beginning of the session.

Comments? Thoughts? Post here or contact Baji in-game. Same applies for an invite to the calendar event.


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Re: (H) Gathering of the Storm (4th March @ 20.00)

Post by Grim on Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:54 am

I'm all for this.

Expect Grim to come and insult everyone for being wibbly wobbly spiritual nonsense spouters.

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Re: (H) Gathering of the Storm (4th March @ 20.00)

Post by Stralow on Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:09 am

Im sure Sun-zin will attend on behalf of the Falling Leaf


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Re: (H) Gathering of the Storm (4th March @ 20.00)

Post by tarak'jin on Wed Feb 11, 2015 12:43 pm

Sounds like a wicked idea man. Unfortunately my PC has broken... again, and i'll be away for a good few months. i did have a big plan in relevance to this, if you'd like to talk about it. Drop me a PM or something and i'll explain it to whomever is interested.

Mine is for any form of shaman/naturalist/spiritual person, but as you could assume, it'd be difficult to do without a PC.


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Re: (H) Gathering of the Storm (4th March @ 20.00)

Post by Sakarah on Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:14 am

I'm in!


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Re: (H) Gathering of the Storm (4th March @ 20.00)

Post by Baji on Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:20 pm

Thanks to all who came! There's a placeholder event for Wednesday the 15th April when we meet again.

Topics from this meeting:

1) The elements /nature and how (some of us) have struggled to control / commune with them, more so from the Pandaren / Tauren side than the Orcs.

2) The Pale Orcs and their corruption of the elements.

3) How to appease / control the elements.

4) The Iron Horde and how they are using the elements.

5) The Arrakoa and the "Loa," alternative spirits / energies of Draenor to help.

Walking away:

1) All members of the Gathering will re-interpret their communion with the land / spirits. This is not Azeroth. They respond in different ways.

2) Investigation of the Pale Orcs and their methods.

3) Investigation of the Iron Horde and their Shaman.

4) Demons - Are they disturbing the spirits? Arrakoa - What do they worship? Ogre Magi - Where do they get their power from / control the elements?


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Re: (H) Gathering of the Storm (4th March @ 20.00)

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