Few RP ideas

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Few RP ideas

Post by Kvitrafn on Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:52 am

Hello there.So,my friend and I,after few months playing on Defias Brotherhood finally decided to try some RP-ing on this server.To be honest we saw few Orcs Of The Red Blade members in Gorgrond and we were pretty amused by that,so we made a decision to try make our RP guild.We were talking last night and came up with 3 ideas so far so being new to this i wanted to check what do you guys thing of them and if 1 of them get realised what feedback we're gonna get from other people and will we be able to get some people in that kind of RP.
So lets start:

Idea number 1:
Pandaren race.Not any kind of Pandas.We separated from Taran-Zhu.War and revenge oriented Pandarens (something like orcs).Or belief is that Tran-Zhu is a coward and we decided to disobey him and bring war to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom.We got plenty of other things and scenarios made up but this is a general idea.The flaw I'm able to find with this one is that if we want war(because outsiders brought us war) we must kill both Alliance and Horde.Kinda impossible(unless there is Alliance guild and Horde guild,but that is pain).

Idea number 2:
Death Knights serving future master - Bolvar.Bolvar is coming and he speaks to us just like Ner'Zhul spoke to Arthas,and we must prepare known world for his arrival.Meaning we must slaughter thousands of heroes in order to collect as many corpses or souls as possible so when Bolvar arrives he can ressurect them as 4th generation of Death Knights.The reason why I haven't said that we unfrosted him is that our RP will not be valid if Blizz decides to do that in some of the future expansions(well who knows Very Happy ).The main problem with this idea is same as with Pandarens.We must kill both Alliance and Horde.

Idea number 3:
There is probably some RP on this subject but who knows,so i'm gonna throw this here also.Gnomes vs Goblins(Hearthstone I know Razz ).N.U.K.L.U.A.R. and all other explosives known in this game.Not quite sure about whole lore with Goblins and Gnomes so I can give some details right now(gonna do some work on that).Again there is a problem that someone must make rival guild in the other faction.

So what's your opinion on these ideas?Is any of them doable?Will we be able to get some people with that ideas?
Please give me a feedback on this.Positive or negative.Not in my interest to waste time with some impossible ideas when I can make up other scenarios and stories that will go live and have someone to follow.

Thank you in forward Smile


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Re: Few RP ideas

Post by Skaraa on Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:09 am

Idea 1: I don't know enough Pandaren lore, but this sounds supremely unlikely and difficult to pull off.

Idea 2: I know more than enough lore to know that this is, and my words are being generous, utterly ridiculous. For one; Bolvar was a Paladin in life and isn't even technically undead, whatever state he is in is at least partially the result of Alexstraszas fire - which would have decimated any undead caught within it. Even without that, the idea that he would raise a new Scourge is absurd. He sacrificed himself to maintain control of the Scourge; thus saving the world. Further, much of Ner'zhuls spirit was absorbed by Arthas after they merged, whatever is left of him in the helm of domination is arguably not enough to corrupt such an experienced Paladin. The idea that Bolvar could be an antagonist is very unlikely outside of lore retcons and changes/elaborations in later expansions.
If your Death Knights are just mentally deranged that could be possible, but bare in mind that both the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Argent Crusade (both of which still work together, and were/still are keeping an eye on Sylvannas and the Forsaken because of their recent superficial similarity to Arthas; in relation to the Val'kyr recruitment) would hunt you down and kill you.

Idea 3: This is the most likely to work, but you need to seriously look into engineering lore and try to avoid IRL scale nukes if you're going to do it. It is a small niche, I'm not sure how much interest you will draw.

- Skaraa

No offence intended in any replies. Smile


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Re: Few RP ideas

Post by Rashka on Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:13 pm

For the first idea.
First of, Pandarens usually does not take part in revenge. It is very unlikely, in my opinion atleast, that one would be driven into a 'war machine' or how you wanna call it. Secondly, Pandarens are generally peaceful creatures, who does -not- want wars. In my opinion, it is very unlikely that any of them would want to oppose a Shado-master, and their whole own culture.
That's just my five cents.


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Re: Few RP ideas

Post by nope on Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:04 am

I'd say join a guild first before you go creating one, if you're new it can help you to know the ropes first.


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Re: Few RP ideas

Post by Baji on Wed Feb 11, 2015 5:02 am

I actually just posted about my own [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] if you're interested in trying to roleplay some Huojin.

Otherwise, for ideas, try not to be too high fantasy. Some things work but if you go over the top you won't get many members and it will all fizzle out before you even get started. It would also be a bit too hard to fit into the RP scene.

Goblin guild or Gnome guild? Engineering guild? Either way, it will work if you have patience and low expectations. As long as you have a core group and you are having fun, your guild will survive.


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Re: Few RP ideas

Post by Amaryl on Wed Feb 11, 2015 5:06 am

Choose the idea that You find the most fun, considering you're the ones that are going to be doing it.


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Re: Few RP ideas

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