[A] Among the Underworld...

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[A] Among the Underworld...

Post by Skarain on Sat Feb 07, 2015 11:00 am

A hooded individual has been moving around the shadowy places of the Alliance, in the Underforge, in the Forlorn Caverns, in Bizmos Brawlpub, Booty Bay, Gadgezan and other neutral and ill-reputable havens. They have been asking about "People unsatisfied with the Alliance".

They remain around the places from time to time, allowing opportunities to approach and the locals may be able to point out to the person if asked to.


Contact: "Skarain-DefiasBrotherhood" ingame, "Skarain" on forums or "inejaro" in Skype if one chose to find that person, or to be found themselves.

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