[A] Interest check: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (heroic?)

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[A] Interest check: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (heroic?)

Post by nope on Wed Feb 04, 2015 5:57 pm

I've been in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds a few times now and think it would make for a nice Rp session.  There's a load of spooky stuff in it to respond to eg ghosts, spiders and a giant worm thing that inhales people for characters to freak out about.  I was wondering if folk would be interested in doing an ic run of it with bit of set-up (eg small strike team called to arms, stray adventurers etc).  This thread is basically an interest check and a "did I forget anything that would make this idea difficult" check.  So - poke away at it.

Level 100
Item level 610 (If we go heroic)
Either three dps and a healer or two dps, a tank and a healer.  I can fulfil a dps or tank role myself with a hunter or a paladin.
Knowing tactics.  Holding shift and pressing j before a boss encounter is generally sufficient.
Pretending the key mobs are someone else, to avoid any "I killed Nerzhul" "no it was me" continuity problems.

The last boss has the group pulled into a void area - how would one go about escaping that exactly?
Time constraints.  If we get the worst group ever and die repeatedly how long might things drag out?  How much time would people have?  What do you do if one of them has to leave?
Numbers - can only bring 5 people with a level 100 limitation who you can bring, which makes replacement difficult.
Feel free to add any other logistics issues.

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