Greetings from a fellow traveler

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Greetings from a fellow traveler

Post by Gancent on Fri Jan 30, 2015 5:35 am


I bring greetings from the past and hopes of a lovely and prosperous present and future to all who read this post =)

After a brief introduction, a single question, if it pleases you to provide me with an answer.

Being new to rp in WoW, but having rp'd "offline" for years - mainly our garden variety systemless one-off scenarios developed and written during the 90's and 0's in Denmark. Now rolling a rp character here on DB for the added kicks, in the hopes of some fun rp and perhaps a bit of community exploring, dungeoning and the like. Plain old WoW gaming just doesn't cut it for me anymore.

In the past I have played casting classes, mainly priest, in the WoW hayday of Burning Crusade and before. I've been very casual through Wrath and Cata, absent during Pandaria and now lvl 92 on our newly auto-leveled worgen warrior I love you

Here's what I posted in TotalRP2 as a short intro:


- I used to be an alchemist.

The brawler before your looks like nothing of the sort. All teeth, metal wrapped in a darkened, bitter attitude, its feral eyes gleaming with a tint of ...something you'd know better than saying to his face.

- I was an alchemist, one of the most respected in my field. The fall of Gileas, the affliction. The Cataclysm. That is when it all started. Now look at me.

This man-or-monster before you gestures to his scarred face and hands. You sense the deep strength of his flexed muscles and the heavy yet dextrous movements. This ...beast... has seen battle before. Many, many times.

The monster's gaze falls more directly upon you.

- Honestly...

You get a feeling that it's not being honest at all... No - the unblinking intensity of those eyes, a clear sign og self denial. You smell a stinky tint of alcohol in his breath as he leans in too close for comfort.

- Honestly, I...don't know how it happened. Memory ... dimmed. We experimented with the affliction. I know that much. We were desperate, and we were loosing. I tested the cure it on myself!

Gancent raises his cup and drinks to the brink, ale gushing out between the fangs where his cheeks once were.

- I am, in all honesty, unable to think straight, no, not like I used to. My mind was clear as a diamond and deep as the Abyss. Memories - gone, all but in a haze, stranger. A brawler, a brute. That's all I am now.


It's not that Gancent is a nasty fellow or anything, but his current inner experience provides him with an "aura" that some sensitive individuals may at times percieve as unpleasant.

What is Gancent's secret? How much of his recent past does he remember but won't let on? What's this talk of alchemical experiments with the worgen affliction? All these questions and much more, not to be eagerly answered before events begin to develop.

Plainly, Gancent is great at being a bodyguard and doesn't mind directing his attention and his talents outward, living out his ferality and underworldly tendencies through his current deadly profession. What's there to loose now that everything is continually going to hell? As long as there's a pub and, provided with a pint of ale, he aint got no problems either.

My question: It would be fun to enter a roleplaying guild while I level to 90. I know there are guilds, and I wonder if any of them might be interested in letting me in and perhaps learn a few of the ropes of rp as it is here on DB. Where do go from here?

Thanks so much, and have a nice day!


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Re: Greetings from a fellow traveler

Post by Skaraa on Fri Jan 30, 2015 6:21 am

Many Roleplaying guilds are willing to take people new to RP or WoW RP. Personally, I value offline experience (the likes of D&D, and so on) higher than I do specifically WoW RP. But there are certain aspects, mainly revolving and community norms, that one typically must get used to when moving onto WoW (such as self-policing keeping within lore, and not being buddies with major lore characters).

I think you should pick a guild that suits your character more than anything else. The Registry section of this forum is a great resource to figure out which guilds best suit your character.

Finally, I'll leave you with a very basic idea of Alliance guilds on our server:

Stormwind Regiment - Stormwind based guard guild.
Blazing Shields - Stormwind based guards/military.
Forlorn Cartel - Stormwind based criminals/businessmen/traders union.
Bloody Raven - Pirates...yarrr!
Wardens of Azeroth - Citizens/private defence force.
Theatre of Blood - Military Assassins/Spies.
Band of the Brave - Mercenaries
Gilneas Platoon - Gilnean Military Platoon.
Disciples of Light - Holy/Religious Order.

The above are, I stress, very basic interpretations of the core concept of each guild. But that should be a decent guide to get you started.
There are other guilds out there, your best bet is to check out the Registry section of this forum.

I wish you luck in finding a suitable guild.


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Re: Greetings from a fellow traveler

Post by Robin Drake on Fri Jan 30, 2015 8:39 am

Can't really add all that much more as Skaraa covered pretty much the things you need to know. Would just say welcome to DB and if you wanted to read some other RP resources head to here:
Robin Drake

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Re: Greetings from a fellow traveler

Post by Gancent on Fri Jan 30, 2015 9:20 am

Thanks for the replies, Skaraa and Robin. I've looked through the registry, it looks really cool, thanks! I already know which guild I am going to talk to first Razz


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Re: Greetings from a fellow traveler

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