Second Gurubashi Empire

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Second Gurubashi Empire

Post by Shadesprocket on Tue Jan 27, 2015 3:01 am

The ancient, untamed jungles of Stranglethorn Vale play host to many stories, true or make-believe. This tropical zone at first may look like a paradise with sandy beaches next to clear, crisp water and a dense green backdrop of the canopies and plantlife, but the true nature of this jungle is far less welcoming.
Delve deeper into the interior and you’ll find even sunlight has trouble breaching past the jungle tree tops, the ground level is thick with shadow and the eyes of potential predators are forever watching. Big mammals and reptiles alike such as tigers, panthers, raptors and basilisk call the jungle home, and the unwary hunter may find the tables turned in a heartbeat.

Perhaps even more malicious still is the plantlife, small, exotic flowers and giant gnarled trees alike have a nasty disposition to anything living, deadly poisons brew inside them, their roots fashion into elaborate maze works that’s whole purpose seems to be to break the legs of anyone that dares to stray from the few relatively safe pathways. Some stories even speak of plants that have developed a taste for blood and bone.

Of all the creatures that call the Vale their home, there is one with more stories than any other. Those creatures known as trolls have been undoubtedly the most successful survivors of the jungles embrace, and it reflects in their nature, their savageness and unwillingness to give even an inch to encroachment is a reflection of the jungle itself, its children may have lost their once mighty empires as the many ruins and tales of lost treasures give countless examples of, but still the true children of the  jungles dig in and will not relent, as stubborn as the ancient trees that first took root, but with the mind-set of expanding once more.

A bit about us.
The Second Gurubashi Empire is a troll only RP-PvP guild not aligned with either major faction that’s been kicking around on the realm for the best part of 9 years. A standalone group that looks to its own and takes the part of a highly xenophobic gathering that revels in all the grizzly things that make trolls what they are. Sacrifices, dark rituals and deeply devoted worship of capricious deities suit you?  Then read on folks.
The Gurubashi Empire takes its name from the area in which it frequents, Stranglethorn being the heart of a long dead Empire that has never achieved its height since then.  The ideal has been reformed but now with additions, these trolls do not only wish to unite the jungle troll tribes, they look further afield giving a refugee to any sub species of troll willing to change to their ways. In this act they’ve almost admitted they cannot achieve old glories themselves. But don’t tell them that.
The Empire sticks to the old ways of worshipping the loa, cannibalism, sacrifices and dark magics are commonplace and seen as totally acceptable within their culture. They are the blessed race after all and all the rest are but playthings that exist purely to feed the loa and to test the faith of the trolls time and time again.
SGE is open to RP’ers of all levels, completely new to it? That’s fair but we do aim to have all our RP’ers know about troll lore which can be pretty insane at times, on this note we’ve done our best to write guides on the matter that are up on our site for you to access but we’re also here to help, want to know something? Do feel free to ask, as we’ve found a bit of a head to head chat is still the best way to try talk folk through, guides are static, you can’t ask them for further details.. As nice as that would be..
What we can offer you.
We are first and foremost RP’ers still and that’s our main goal, random roleplay within the guild, singular events like rituals or festivals, ongoing plots, individual or group character development and occasionally interacting with all those lesser races are all part of the parcel, but that’s not all, most of the guildies are also into their PvP, perhaps not the best at it, but enjoy it, so finding some nonsense in arenas shouldn’t be too hard, we’re also aiming towards RBGs if that’s your jam.
So far there is no real note on PvE content though, this might change with time, but that’s down to chance at the present time.

What we expect from you.
If your experienced or new to RP we’re looking for you to learn about rp within the guild, there are many loa and even more opportunities to mix barbaric or superstitious practises into your rp, and while we do not expect you to learn all off by heart, it would be nice if folk were open to adapting.
Apart from that a good attitude (yes I know subjective and all that mallarky) a sense of humour and activity is all we really need from you, we’re looking for nice folk, not patsies to slave drive in a bid to take over the world. (yet!)
A final note, not required but highly suggested is at least a passing interest in PvP, this is after all a RP-PvP realm and while attacks are not constant, they are bound to happen at one point or another and we as a group do not intend to just sit and watch as our buddies or ourselves get smote upside the head by some holier than thou paladin or blown up by some berserk form of laser spewing chicken like creature. We have also been known to mix player versus player content into our RP, if we’re patrolling the vale and some max levelled alliance comes swaggering by, happy as larry, bets are on we’re going to try and scalp him. Or for another example IC tournaments with the chance of glory and trinkets for wailing on other competitors to see who is the top dog, with certain limitations of course. *cough* tanks and healers *cough*
So getting your pvp gear is highly encouraged, to help with this we try do weekly battlegrounds if not randomly running them anyway aside from the previously mentioned push to rbgs and arenas.

If any or all of this is of interest to you, then you are more than welcome to visit our site or talk to one of our officers about any queries you have about the guild.
If its not of interest or you hate it.. Well then refer all complaints to me.
I’m listening…
Sort of.

Site: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Shyrendora (your everyday tyrannical empress)
Obataiye (I lack a witty comment, nothing new there)

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Re: Second Gurubashi Empire

Post by Grim on Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:56 am


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Re: Second Gurubashi Empire

Post by Obataiye on Thu Mar 12, 2015 3:20 pm

Grim wrote:Shyrendorable!

The cutest Empress around!

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Re: Second Gurubashi Empire

Post by Maelmoor on Fri Mar 13, 2015 6:39 am

While I have not been in touch with these fellows lately I can say that they have provided great RP and World-PvP through so many years, if you are interesting into troll RP it's the place to go!

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Re: Second Gurubashi Empire

Post by Shyrendora on Fri Nov 06, 2015 5:37 pm

Giving this a bump as we are still around lurking in the Jungle Smile

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Re: Second Gurubashi Empire

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