Interest Check: The Horsemen

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Interest Check: The Horsemen

Post by The Sleeper on Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:41 pm

Hey there folks! Just wanted to inform whomever may be interested about an idea I had in mind. Every fantasy setting needs a few nice, urban legends. This is what this guild/group is about. Urban legends. Horsemen to be precise. Chilling silhouettes gliding through the night on strange horses, leaving behind a trail of violence, terror and rumors. Who are those Horsemen? Perhaps they are the Dark Riders of Karazhan, mobilizing once again. Or, some remnant of Scourge troops, long since waiting in secrecy for the perfect opportunity to strike. Yet, they may be bandits, mounted robbers seeking to spread dismay and plunder afterwards. The most probable explanation however, dull as it may seem, is that they might just be the very vivid imagination of superstitious peasants, legends created to scare children, or rationalize misfortunes.

Anyways, off to the OOC part. In a nutshell, this group/guild will revolve around a band of unknown horsemen, as the name suggests, sweeping through the provinces and lonely outposts of the Alliance, for their nefarious causes. In essence, it is evil RP with a more secretive and elusive twist.

While a guild environment could be provided, if the majority of members do not wish to proceed, a simple channel would suffice. Those who are willing will be invited into a guild environment in addition to the channel.

While Death Knights would be the fittest role, the occasional warrior or warlock would bring out their unique character and contribute to the groups atmosphere. Finally, my initial thought is that the group/guild would not consist of too many members, to retain a more mysterious (Nazgul-y if you will) feel. Say ten to thirteen members at best.

What do you think? Contact Varagath or Eldiros, or leave a reply if this concept interests you!
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Re: Interest Check: The Horsemen

Post by siegmund on Sat Jan 17, 2015 4:36 pm

Oh, but the legends of the Dark riders of Kharazan are quite true young wippersnaper!

Sounds like one of the " that's cool" type ideas. Keep in mind considering not really a lot (well pretty much no one) is in the ally towns and places that ain't Stormwind, much less walking on the roads or so. That's obviously gonna hamper the idea.

Also I think you're limiting yourself a lot on classes. Absolutely don't know why you're puting Death knights nr 1. I've the group of evil riding death knight remants of scourge so many times already that I don't think much of the idea personally at least. Plus what's the point of ICly implying it may be robbers then?

All mystery lost already.

The part saying a warrior or lock might come out and show some more uniqueness, I supose DKs shall be the generic evildoer? They can be unique too! Darn it people.

P.S. Before someone says it. No the Dark riders of Khara ain't DKs nor part of the scourge.

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Re: Interest Check: The Horsemen

Post by Littlepip on Sun Jan 18, 2015 3:45 am

Before creating such a group one should always ask himself what the goal is of said group, what led them to this path, why do this?
Other then that I love the idea as I am a great fan of Urban Legends.

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Re: Interest Check: The Horsemen

Post by Skaraa on Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:41 am

The idea of an urban legend can be completed, and integrated into RP, without a guild. Add stuff into the rumour mill once a month or so, talk about it in taverns. Make it part of the community. I love that idea.

If you're set on RPing it, though. What are these people? What motivates them? Why do they ride around raiding? Where do they hang out?
These thing must be known by the people RPing them but shouldn't be known to other RPers; in that they need to be a nebulous force without strictly Human characteristics - that is what I think would make them scary, the same thing that makes Slenderman a scary monster - not knowing their motives.

I'd be up for this. But I do think we need to have a mix of classes rather than the DK stereotype - a stereotype that frankly needs to be defeated. A mage or shaman can be evil too. ^^

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Re: Interest Check: The Horsemen

Post by Jack Noodlemeister on Sun Jan 25, 2015 1:36 pm

I might wanna be part of this with a Rgoue Druid of the Talon. Might be cool to RP.
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Re: Interest Check: The Horsemen

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