Vanadris Sandrinas

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Vanadris Sandrinas

Post by Varagan on Fri Jan 09, 2015 6:47 am

Character name: Vanadris Sandrinas
Alias: Vana or Vara
Gender: Female
Age: 18000~
Race: Quel'Dorei / Highborne
Class: Ancient Mage
Birth region: Shores of Well of Eternity
Family: Deceased
Known friends or enemies: She dislikes what she calls the new traditionalist of her race, druids. And hates queen Azshara with a passion.

Description: Tall and beautiful with an air of dignity and compassion, silver white long hair and piercing white eyes with two tattoos lining over them. But often wearing fell appearing clothing.
Personality: Polite and charming wen ever possible. But subtly very arrogant a fact of witch she masterfully conceals. Willing to help those who ask it, but won't interfere in affairs of others if not asked to do so.

History: (A very short summaries) Vanadris was born during the growing power of her race and empire, she was there wen the mysteries of magic were being discovered and experimented. Studying and learning everything first hand with the masters of the art. At a very early age she fought the two troll empires and gained prominence as a powerful sorceress earning her place and favor at Azshara's court, eventually becoming one of the queens close confidante and being named one of the Quel'Dorei. Over the centuries she gained ever more power and influence, helping her people build and expand both in power and prosperity. But turning to the events of the war of the ancients, she saw the depravity of her queen and the sheer madness her power brought to her wen she unleashed demons upon her own people, so Vanadris choose to desert the mad rulers schemes and side with the rebellion and eventually helped them turn the tide of the war.
After the war and the sundering her home was destroyed and she was left with her few highborne people that survived with the rest of the Kaldorei, but she didn't see eye to eye with them, who sided saying that all magic is banned under penalty of death. Stating herself that magic in it self is not evil and not the reason for the sundering but instead its is misuse, and that ignoring it will just bring even more danger to them down the line. Her pleas being ignored she choose to leave, while most of the highborn sailed east, she went south to Feralas with a smaller group. Remaining on Kalimdor to watch over her race in the north while still practicing and experimenting her arts of magic.
After the recent welcoming back of the exiled highborn to the Kaldorei society, so she came back to explore the new world and see what these new alliance her people got mixed up with was.

Things you may know about this character: She was once a member of Azsharas court.(If anyone can even remember that)
Possible crime record: Dabbling in all forms of magic, even fel magic.

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