I was just wondering...

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I was just wondering...

Post by Pyerra on Sun Dec 28, 2014 10:45 am

So, since I started WoW, I've loved all aspects of the game, especially RP and raiding. However, no matter how hard I try, I can never seem to find a guild that actually on this darned server that actually does both simultaneously and well.

I was wondering if such a mystical place existed, on either Horde or Alliance, and if it didn't. If someone would maybe be interested in joining me in creating such a place. I enjoy progressing with my raid guild and I love Role Playing all manner of things. I just find that no matter where I search, guilds normally specialize in one or the other, I don't see why the two can't co-exist.


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Re: I was just wondering...

Post by Skarain on Sun Dec 28, 2014 1:44 pm

The reason the two rarely co-exist is because Raiding puts you in the boots of the Legendary Heroes, the Kingslayers, the Scrab Lord, The Firelord, Hand of A'dal and so-on. One of the Taboo among Roleplayers is to claim them to be related to a Lore figure, or a lore figure themselves, and most roleplayers also like to focus solely on Roleplaying. Those who PvP+RP and PvE+RP are a minority already to begin with. PvP taken IC is easier, as we can go and bash other roleplayers in the head, other players that are no more legendary than our characters are.

Should you wish to create a Raiding guild that also does Roleplaying, you'd first have to decide if the raiding and progression that you do is In Character. There is no saying if you can not Roleplay being the hero while within the instance. The fact that you try the same thing over and over from week to week, even killing the same bosses more than once can be explained by some extent by the involvement of the Bronze Dragonflight, who wants that you gain more battle experience so that you may tackle the next threat in the future. However, if going with that, when you interact with other players outside of your raid instance you could never mention that you are the legendary heroes of the story. Such is quick to get strange looks, whispers of "Oh no you can't!" and outright Ignore, so it would have to be kept a secret just like if someone goes to Roleplay a Dragon realistically.

The problem with that kind of roleplay to start with is that you would require to find players who like to do Raiding. On top of that, they should have some kind of interest towards Roleplaying.

Even in the scenario that you would skip Roleplaying during your Raid Runs, and just focus on Roleplay while you are not raiding, you would still need that 8-25 persons who would want to be doing Raiding + Roleplay. Needless to say, such people are rare to find.

I myself used to do Raiding in the past. However, Raiding days took to much of great  "Roleplaying time". I lost interest to do raiding myself when we just grinded bosses again and again to get our new tank geared so we had a realistic chance with Ragnaros HC. You might encounter a loss of members for Roleplay, or a lost of Roleplayers for more Serious raiding guild.


Despite my huge talks of why i think most people do not do RP + Raiding... i am not saying that you could/should not go for it. If you have the motivation to carry on despite any difficulties that may come your way, your idea will work. It just will require a lot of work just as any guild leading. Eventually you will find the members and like-minded that you seek. It just may take a long time, less if you have luck.

I have no interest in Raiding. I am here merely to share some views and give explanation to a few things. In any case, i do wish your guild good luck, as there is really no guild that i know on Alliance nor Horde that does both RP and Raiding.

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Re: I was just wondering...

Post by Amaryl on Sun Dec 28, 2014 2:18 pm

There's also the problem that the best time to RP is prime-time. and the best time to raid is prime-time. Which kinda puts a wrench in event planning for guild-leaders when two sides of the guild are asking for other time commitments.

it's much easier for individuals in a raid guild to rp on the side when they have time, because it doesn't cost you any investment. as it is similar for rpers to hop onto random raids and flex and what not when they have time.

Its just hard to focus on both at the same time. and something is going to get priority one way or the other, which kinda pisses the people that want to focus on the lesser off... etc.


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Re: I was just wondering...

Post by Lexgrad on Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:53 am

Plus rpers do t got game.

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Re: I was just wondering...

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