Han Quan Ji

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Han Quan Ji

Post by Jack Noodlemeister on Fri Dec 05, 2014 12:16 pm

Character name: Han Quan Ji
Alias: Han or Quan or Ji
Gender: Male
Age: Youngish
Race: Pandaren
Class: Geomancer

Birth region: Wandering Isle
Specific area/town: Dan Lo farmstead
Family: Han Ping Len (Mother), Han Quan Zu (Father)
Known friends or enemies: The Elements

Description: A relatively large Pandaren. However, this is not extra muscle! It is fat! Living on the farm, he had a love of food, especially things with sugar. This made him have the fat appearance he has today, and so he is considered fat in Pandaren society, however, it's not large enough in Pandaren society to be considered obese. His fur is red, a trait which was proudly passed down his family. He almost never stops smiling. He has no scars on his body, a sign of never going to war, due to his dislike of fighting.
Personality: A happy Pandaren eager to please his peers. Due to his weight, he is quite shy around pretty ladies, though is perfectly fine around the ugly ones. However, he get very serious when his family or friends are directly threatened.
History: Born on the Dan Lo Farmstead, he ate a lot. A lot. A lot. He showed signs of becoming a great Geomancer when he was being teased once for his weight. He basically threw a small boulder with his power. However, it was uncontrolled and reckless, nearly crushing the ringleader of the bullies. He was taken to an Academy to be taught how to control his anger and his powers. His parents sent him lovely (fattening) meals every day, so he didn't go hungry. That worked a treat. When he was a young adult, he set off to find Wuguo the Earth Spirit, to finally understand his powers. He witnessed Wuguo being gathered with the other Spirits, in an attempt to talk to Shen-zin Su. He was amazed and learned about the other continents. He ran to the library and read all he could about them, which wasn't a lot. However, this lack of knowledge only fuelled his adventurousness. He was a follower of the Huojin order, but was distracted by some dumplings and accidentally went to Stormwind. However, he believed fate had brought him to Stormwind, and as such, he stayed. He then ventured to Pandaria to learn even more of his powers. When he finally heard of the Iron Horde, he rushed to Stormwind to join the fight, however, he was yet again distracted by some dumplings and arrived too late.
Things you may know about this character: He loves dumplings.
Things you may not know about this character: He is surprisingly fast when food is presented.
Possible crime record: None.
Other information: Write here
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