[H] The Four

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[H] The Four

Post by Noctemis on Thu Dec 04, 2014 12:46 pm

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Faction: Undercity | Server: Defias Brotherhood | Recruitment status: OPEN

"Those who do not stand with the Forsaken stand against them. And those who stand against the Forsaken will not stand long." - Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen

The Banshee Queen's power grows day by day with each committed atrocity and where she grows, so too do her servants. From the countryside villages and isolated farms of Elwynn Forest to the great planes of Nagrand in Draenor, and to our dark heart in Lordaeron - her agents often scattered thinly throughout the lands, yet each band or lone individual striving to further the Banshee Queen's grasp in their own condemnable ways.

Once the leader of the Death Knight order, Hatred Eternal, Noctemis' warband fought together for the glory of the Horde and the Banshee Queen, however such glory was not meant to last. After some political turmoil and the waning of their military might the decision was made for the Order of Hatred Eternal to join Lord Diederich and the House of Sylvanas with Noctemis as their military commander and Highlord where he ruled over his small army of Forsaken, Death Knights and mercenaries with an iron fist until his sudden and unexplained disappearence shortly before the continent of Pandaria was discovered. Now Highlord Noctemis has returned alongside another Death Knight, Athile. Having claimed Fenris Isle as their own they operate with their small band of warriors from there hoping to establish a war-council of Four servants of Sylvanas and their disciples.

"What happened in Northrend was merely a setback." - Noctemis when asked about his disappearence

Who are we?

The Four is a mixed race military Horde guild who serve the interests of the Undercity and the Banshee Queen made primarily from Death Knights and Forsaken, though any and all races and classes are welcome. We are based in Silverpine Woods, operating out of the safe haven that is Fenris Keep. We want to provide a solid RP hub for our characters and keep the presence of military/mercenary RP-PVP alive and well on Defias Brotherhood by providing our services as mercenaries to help during the campaigns of other guilds as well as occasionally going on a campaign of our own. We have a very strict In-Character and like to keep intrigues alive with plenty of plots and counter-plots with the occasional military campaign to join up on and not to mention terrorising the Alliance in the Eastern Kingdoms and occasionally the rest of Azeroth.
Though each disciple of the Four may have his or her own agenda, in short, we are the thorns in the side of those who see fit to cross the Banshee Queen, doing our best to further her goals in every way possible. We ride upon Undead mounts, stalking the wilds of Azeroth, attacking settlements and travellers and sacking forts in the service of Sylvanas. We host gatherings; secretive events which consist of anything from formal balls to depraved tournaments, the shedding of blood and other detestable acts, allowing for those willing to risk their lives to prove themselves in the eyes of the Four and be awarded with ranks and rewards.

What do we do?

We try to make sure that for the most part our Roleplay is dynamic and free-flowing, if during an event we come across travellers on the road the chances are we will try to interact with them, because of the nature of our Roleplay you should expect plenty of twists and turns both in the guild and outside of it. We are willing to help characters who join with any personal character development plots that they might have if they would like us to.
Though random encounters with the population of Azeroth are a key part in our Roleplay we will almost always do our best to provide Roleplay in and around our headquarters in Fenris Keep because of this, if someone is interested in joining our Guild we always welcome an IC drop in.

For those who may be interested in having a dead character risen into Undeath, the Four would be more than willing to oblige. Perhaps for a price, perhaps not.
Most of us should be more than willing to Roleplay as backup, support characters, mercenaries and diplomats among many other things for Roleplay Events - be they PVP related or otherwise, and as long as we have an In-Character reason to be there we would love for any guilds who would be interested in cross-guild events to contact us and put forward their proposals, but it is very important to remember that we are not just "Blades for hire", and that our characters all have their own goals and agendas - Communication and respect for other Roleplay Guilds is expected of all members of the Four and we hope that you will extend the same courtesy when interacting with us.

Guild Rules.(To be continued, IC rules to be added soon)

  • Create a well rounded, believable and lore coherent character. Consider strengths, weaknesses, quirks, mannerisms. If they're interesting and unique, they'll be more fun for others to roleplay with.
  • In any combat RP, ask permission before involving others in your nefarious activities. Establish what your victim will and won't allow - explicit violence? Any long lasting injury? Permadeath? Effective communication will prevent any boundaries from being crossed.
  • Roleplay on your character(s) at least once a month if possible. Try to stay active within the guild and get involved in any guild plots we might have alongside following through with your own plots. Character development is good.


Before you join us it is important you are aware that our Roleplay can be particularly dark in nature and may consist of (In-Character, of course) physical and psychological torture, violence, gore and bullying.
We allow Characters to join as they see fit, some come to us as stalwart servants of Sylvanas with a rank and background, while others come to us as new blood. As a general rule it will be easier to engage us at our keep, during a campaign or while we are out patrolling the wilds or to first contact one of the guild leaders in game: Noctemis or Cyroval.
Guild Chat is OOC while Officer Chat is IC, a mental link allowing the Four to communicate with each other over short distances.
We welcome all races and classes of characters regardless of if they are mains or alts, however at the very least we require a small amount of In-Character activity at least once a month and would prefer members to attend big events, especially the campaigns and gatherings.


The Four follows a same strict hierarchy, with lower ranked characters serving under higher ranked characters, these In-Character ranks are:

  • One of the Four - The leaders of the Four.
  • The Heralds - These are some of the highest ranking members among the disciples of the Four, tasked with important missions involving anything from diplomacy and the contact of other Guilds to commanding strike forces during campaigns.
  • Disciple - Disciples of the Four make up the bulk of our military forces and can include any members of the guild, depending on speciality of each individual, different disciples will be given different roles.
  • Churl - The absolute lowest ranking "disciples" of the Four, these are some of the criminals, deserters and prisoners who have been sentenced to military service and are usually used as the first wave of attackers in battle.

Additional Info

Where can we be found?
Fenris Keep, Silverpine Woods.

Why are we doing this?
We simply want to create a fitting guild to allow our characters grow, and hope that you will join us! As mentioned above we hope to create a mixed racial military hub where we can boast, socialize, develop our characters and have fun!

Who to contact?
One of the Four: Noctemis
One of the Four: Cyroval
One of the Four:(tba)
One of the Four:(tba)
Officer: (tba)
Officer: (tba)

Roleplay, torture, etc.
When partaking in duels or outright torture please be mindful of others and ask permission before physically hurting your fellow players. They might have long-term plans for their characters!
Moderation will be offered for all formal non-PVP duels and challenges if necessary.

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Re: [H] The Four

Post by Death Eyes on Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:04 am

Quite an interesting idea I might join if I ever get around to level a Horde character. Also really good you mentioned the bullying and torture .
Death Eyes

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