[A] Big Memorial Service & Banquet (Stormwind, 18th of January, 21:00)

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[A] Big Memorial Service & Banquet (Stormwind, 18th of January, 21:00)

Post by NicholasBullard (Taph) on Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:28 am

((From early January on, this notice will start appearing on walls in various popular places in the Alliance capital.))

Residents and visitors of Stormwind,

You are hereby officially invited to attend the memorial service held on the 18th of January at nine bells.
During the ceremony behind the Cathedral, we will commemorate those who have lost their lifes during the invasion.

Surrounding the taking of the Dark Portal and the struggles in Draenor, a number of brave men and women have been confirmed deceased or are still considered Missing in Action. Let us all gather and pray for the Light to look kindly upon their souls.

Attendees are encouraged to contribute to the ceremony, by means of prayer, speech, song, visual image, and more.
There will be opportunities to offer flowers, and a new monument shall be revealed to remember the fallen.
Please make your appearance dressed modestly and appropriate for the occasion.

Thankfully, we have seen many of ours return home in safety. To help us cope with our grief and to show the veterans our gratitude, let us provide them with a heroes' welcome! After the official part of the ceremony, all attendees are invited to a great banquet at one of Stormwind's finest locations.
((Details TBA.))

The memorial service will be organised by sir Helmut Spoon, the Spymaster, and hosted by the collective guard forces of Stormwind. This notice has been authorised and approved by the proper governing authorities.

May the Holy Light bless you all,
Collective Captains of the Guard.

((OOC: If you have any good ideas on the location and details of the banquet, please post them below. Please contact me with any questions or comments in-game at Taph-Ravenholdt or nickbullarddfb on skype.))
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