Insane Attraction

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Insane Attraction

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((I would like to point out that two songs have been a major inspiration to my story. Credits goes to them;
Three Days Grace - Time of Dying.
Peratus - Wrought.
I never thought of making Gorge a background story, but I did. Some might have been waiting to read it, others not. Some might have been curious to know what drove him mad. You now know.))


Dagonet strokes the black hair of the beautiful woman infront of him. He kisses her lips and speaks with a calm voice.

"Do not worry. I will be back, Lord Lightbringer have asked for aid in Andorhal and it's my duty to answer, love."

Isold looks up at him, smiling faintly yet her eyes trembles slightly as she answers.

"I..I know. And I will be waiting here for you, don't you go and die now!"

The fairly young woman tries to laugh it off, but sheds a tear and looks away.

Dagonet wraps her in to his arms and kisses her forehead.

"I wont. I swear, no matter what. I -will- return."

Dagonet then lets go of her and mounts his horse. Looking at her one last time, he smiles at her and rides out of the village.

Dagonet approaches the gather of Silver Hand and Lordaeron military. He can hear a man holding a speach of sorts, as he reaches the front he can recognise the man as Uther.

"The bastard prince slew his on father, our king! And his foul undead forces is marching this way as we speak.

In this urn, I hold the ashes of our king, our beloved and strong king! We shall not let any undead let his burrial be wrecked!"

Men cheers and agree. Dagonet whom hadn't heard of said news that his king had been murdered stands in shock. And a force of undead, what was this?

The following night Dagonet sat at the campfire laughing and cheering with old friends, catching up with stories and whatnot.
But one thing did bother them, more than any.

Their king was dead, and the murderer was said to be his own son. Who would lead them, who would lead their kingdom?

Dagonet had noticed Uther and the Silver Hand knights to be in their tent, not attending much of the night with the men, as they usually did in past battles.

Later into that night Dagonet had left the camp to spend some time alone, with his mind.
He missed is lovely wife, but he also had a terrible feeling that this battle, might be his last.

The following morning dawned fast, and the forces were split
and sent to their different areas of the town, to protect it.
Shortly after words of the northern forces defeat reached Andorhal and that the Scourge army were approaching.

As battle were commenced Dagonet fought valiantly with his dual-wielded swords, agile and swift, wearing mostly metal-studded leather.

Dagonet pierces the throat of a ghoul, and cleaves the head of a zombie. He charges and parries the hit of a skeleton soldier, and breaks its spine with his other sword.

He then turns to punch a Necromancer's neck so that it falls over and executes it by impaling its back. Gushing tainted blood over himself.

Dagonet wipes his face with the back of his hand - suddenly his body jerks forward and a sword sticks out of his body gushing more blood over himself.

The sword is pulled out again and he falls to his knees.
He looks up, witnesses how Sage Thruthbearer is slewn by Arthas, in his dying breath the paladin yells.

"Light have mercy on you! Your betrayal has broken Uther's heart, boy. He would have given his life for yours in a second and this is how you repay his loyalty?"

Dagonet looks down once more, realizing what's happening.

"On the ground I am kneeling motionless in pain.
I can see my life flashing before my eyes."

And indeed he does, for what he see is his life, his youth, the day he met Isold, their years together, their marriage all of it.
Places a hand over his wound, he stands up and speaks for himself.

"I will not die, I'll wait here for you.
I feel alive when you're beside me.
I will not die, I will survive!"

Dagonet picks up his right-hand sword and throws it into the chest of an approaching ghoul. He then charges at Arthas, striked down by a single blow of Frostmourne.

Everything turns black. He dies, he can feel how the last grasp of breath escapes his lungs.

"Serve me..."

"There is nothing but my will..."

"Life as you know it will never be the same.."



Dagonet opens his eyes, or does he? He doesn't know.
Does he know anything? A knight infront of him yells orders, laughing as he does.

Dagonet feels how he obeys the orders, his legs starts to move. But is this.. really him? Or a nightmare? He can't control himself, so it can't be him?

Days pass, and days turns into weeks which turns into months.
Dagonet starts to regain his thoughts, he doesn't hear that wretchful voice in his head anymore.

And rumours goes that he's not alone,
eventually the elven banshee ranger Sylvanas,
does a revolt against Arthas and the Scourge,
and as news spread that Arthas fled the kingdom;
and the free undead, namely the Forsaken starts reclaiming ground in Lordaeron, Dagonet leaves the Lich King behind.

He's free. And he was kept away from his oath, what he swore.
He swore to return, he runs for days back home to Brill.

Dagonet enters the ghost-town. No life, no sound. As he reaches his old house and rushes inside to find her, he finds it empty, nowhere to be found.

"How long was I gone..?"

He Walks over to the Cemetary reading the gravestones one by one, and then suddenly he stumbles over it.

"Here lies Isold Tarswain;
Beloved wife and lover."

Dagonet falls to his knees, his eyes barely producing any tears, yet he can feel how his entire body aches to cry, his heart cries.
It couldn't be, she couldn't be!

But she was, wasn't she? Dagonet embraces the gravestone, yelling in despair and hate. He sits there for days and nights, eventually he lies down, crumbling together.

He uses his boney claws to carve in the name Isold Tarswain on his left arm to proceed into silence and crying.

He then starts to talk for the first time in days, and what he say is a review of what happened, in his view, his excuse.

"I'm left alone with all the monsters in my head.
They say to me you wont choose life over death.

Insane attraction causes stillness in my mind.
Only a fraction of things I've left to find.

Oh, without you, all alone.
I see right through.
Strong intentions left and gone.

I can't control my so impulsive frame of mind.
I feel the reigns, the bridle, jerk my head in line.

I wanna scream, I wanna kill, I wanna shout!
I choke it back and took at punch right in the mouth.

Oh, without you, all alone.
I see right through.
Strong intentions left and gone.

I cannot take this own my own.
There's no excitement.
You rather see me rot alone.

...Instead I suffer here for this...

I take a breath from that toxic mask of mine.
And fight the urge to disappear into the night.

And by my side I see a monster on my wing.
He drives me on he keeps me safe he makes me see.

That without you, all alone.
I see right through.
Strong intentions left and gone.

You rather see me rot alone.
Instead I suffer here for this.

You see me, I'm pleading.
For you to stop my bleeding!"

Dagonet lies there, saying the same review for nights.
Eventually after weeks his mind mix it up,
it can't take more sorrow, and the same words over and over.

And the last thing he could remember before all went black, for ever this time, was;

"Insane attraction."

A man wakes up, he feels weak, he does not know who he is,
nor where he is. He looks on the gravestone he apparently been hugging. But he can't remember anything by reading it.

Something in his body itches, he does not know for what.
He looks to his right, another gravestone, with a battered jungle hat and two daggers placed gently on the grave.

The man picks them up, sheathes the daggers and puts on the hat, and walks into the bitter cold night.

Brill later will get several reports of having forsaken been murdered and had their eyes torn or carved out. The suspect was reported as a Gorger.

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Re: Insane Attraction

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Brilliant! Really good, thats great Vargosh! *Applauds*
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Re: Insane Attraction

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Thanks mate!


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Re: Insane Attraction

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