Looking for High Elf Female Mage [Updated]

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Looking for High Elf Female Mage [Updated]

Post by Jack Noodlemeister on Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:29 am

Yo, revised version for you.

History: The youngest pureblood son of Mathias Iceweaver, Alex Iceweaver. He was looked down upon by his brothers and parents. His younger half sister, Celein, was a pureblood high elf, though her mother was Allainis Sunfrost, a rival family of the Iceweavers. As such, she was also scorned. Alex and her grew close and practised magic together, becoming more powerful than even Mathias. One day, everyone in the Iceweaver family was brutally killed by a killer with mysterious blades. Alex and Celein both fled, but got seperated by investigations by the guards. Celein was last seen on a boat to Kalimdor, and Alex on a boat to South Eastern Kingdoms.

The killer of the family was in fact Alex, and Celein knows this well, and may or may not hate him for it.

Reply if you wanna be her. Smile
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