Doctor Samuel Ravor

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Doctor Samuel Ravor

Post by Feltrand on Sat Nov 15, 2014 6:14 pm

Character name: Samuel Reralus Augustus Victor Olie Ravor. Or shortly: Samuel Ravor
Alias: Ravy, Sam, Doc
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Race: Afflicted Gilnean
Class: Druid/Doctor (double D)

Birth region: Gilneas
Specific area/town: Village near Emberstone Mines
Family: All dead
Known friends or enemies: Carmtan, Gerrond, Revola, Raina

----------------Short Background Story------------------------------
A man is walking with his cane in hand down the road, his brown robes and green shoulders and gloves give him a rather naturalistic look, would there not be of the well kept white shirt and a silken scarf around his neck, pampering the look of the nobleman...

He greets you with strangely accented ''Good day Sir/Madam.'' and motions with his hand towards his lightly brown and dark orange hair, as if tipping a hat and making a smile with slight inclination of the head.

Clearly, one of the gilneans.

Doctor Samuel Ravor, a Gilneas born and Surwich living affected practicioner of natural ways of Druidism and skilled medical persona with Thesis from Gilneas. His skills are complicated surgery procedures - hence why he also calls himself sometimes a surgeon.
The path of the Druids complimnents his talent in medical branch well, ever since he was bestown with it uppon himself.

In past, when finishing his medical schooling, this Doctor made himself a family, and lived with it happily in center of Gilneas city. A wonderfull blueeyed wife from outskirts of Dalaran, and their wonderfull daughter, that inherited his fathers haircolor, the wrinkles and her mothers facial features.
Tho a lot of time away from family, he and his daughter were tightly conected.
The wife, was also shining those days, as she appeared to be expecting another child.

Than, the appearance of Worgens striked. Not knowing what would happen, Ravor and his family were struck by The Curse directly from sky.

It happened like this:
One day, Ravor went to check on a patient, living in nearby outskirts of the forests. A strange ilness had befallen an old man. None of his family knew what would it be. When Ravor came there and was about to examine the man, the old man screamed in agony and had got a fit. In panic, ravor grabbed the man tightly to be pushed against the bed- tho the transformation occured fast, a sharp pain toring through his flesh he felt into his left side of the shoulderneck, just before flying into the wall, opposite of the bed, falling unconscious.

Waking up, the house was red of blood, people masacrated or barely alive, their lives dissapeard in hands of Ravor. Something had prevented him from death that day... But the scar remained.
He bandaged himself and was to return to the Gilneas, firstly to see his wife and a child, and than to go to medical center, so that others could examine the wound... when he returned home it was all, just about to happen...
The wife was scared as she told dark shadows were running over roofs of the city, and the child was afraid too, seeking the refuge in her fathers arms.

At that point he felt fine...
At other blink of eye... He felt weird... Blinking and shruging it off, looking at wife, he felt hungry... And than his daughter asked: ''D-da-dada? W-wha-what is wi-with your eyes?''
As he looked at his daughter, he lost it...

Those days of the feralness he does not recalls...
But once he got captured by druids, and two friends, they told him, that they found worgen claws around the house, wife missing the belly area of flesh, and his daughter was heavily malformed by the bites and claws, dead.

This is Doctor Ravor's dark past...


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