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Secran Searwell

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Character name: Secran Searwell
Alias: The Entertainer
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Human
Class: Mage

Birth region: Elwynn
Specific area/town: near Stone Cairn Lake
Mother - Unknown - Unknown
Father - Marne Unethil  - Deceased
Brother - Silas Unethil - Alive
Known friends or enemies:
Yoin Shadowflame - Business Partner and good friend.
Many Gnomish Engineers - He considers them friends.

A middle-aged pyromancer that walks with a limp. Wich is curious considering his age. He has dark hair and is neatly groomed. So is his facial hair. He values good looks on himself. Wears a combination of magical and mechanical items around in his bags.
Often walking around in worn-out clothing. When he isn't, he is wearing a set of robes and a hat for when he is trying to sell his wares.
He is naturally a very friendly person with a load of humor on him. He would avoid verbal and physical conflict where it is possible. Once he is forced into physical conflict he will embrace it and will unleash the full potentional of his Pyro magics. He does take pleasure in burning enemies he thinks who have wronged him, but has no need to set the world afire.
Secran had a really difficult childhood. His father being a cultist and his mother missing since before he could walk. He and his brother were forced into the dark arts. His brother showed alot of potential whereas Secran himself lacked the ability to conjure even the lesser demons. This resulted in many beatings with a fiery whip. The only consolation was his beloved brother. The one person he knew that did care for him. After a lot of plotting and scheming Silas executed his plan. This resulted in a burning house with 1 dead body. From the ashes two new persons were born. ((extremely shortened. Long story tbh.))
Things you may know about this character:

  • Is a known toymaker that roams the streets of Stormwind.
  • Likes entertaining people by showing of his magic.
  • Worked as a Dalaran recruiter for a while.
  • Skillfull engineer and explosive expert.
  • Sells magical items to his accomplice.

Things you may not know about this character:

  • Has a very scarred back.
  • Has had a very rough childhood involving physical and mental abuse.
  • Is very close to his brother who walks a different path then him.
  • Has a substitute leg made with his engineering skills

Possible crime record:
None known.

Other information:
His whole life has been a journey to find where he belongs. Crime? Exploring? Protecting? Serving?
He seems to come closer and closer to where he feels he can find a home.

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