Ahoy DefiasBros!

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Ahoy DefiasBros!

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 12, 2014 5:51 am


Given my recent post regarding the Legacy of Aldor, I believe it is only courteous to actually introduce myself as individual. I’m a 32 year old bloke living in The Netherlands. Lovely wife and two young kids. The time I have left as hobby, is thrown into Role-playing: Either online or with mates as Table-top.

In the early days I was an active Role-player on Scarshield Legion, known as Lt. Arod Gryphon of the Stormwind Militia. Boy, those times were grand.. I stopped after general role-play was dying rather swiftly on Scarshield Legion, so went to a private server Epilogue/Prologue – now known as Legacy (Username: Pagan).

It has always ‘eaten’ me to leave retail and I picked it up again a few months ago. Mainly enjoying it with a couple of mates, however – the RP was lacking. Given my unmet passion for Draenei, I rolled and levels my Vindicator Aurilon. Having no Draenei RP guild, I made the Legacy of Aldor. However, it was only 2 days after that that I came in contact with the Path of the Naaru, which also recently started. We merged the guilds and began our Draenei RP promotion.  For me, it lasted for 2 weeks – until it became evident that the Path was dying.
I forced myself to leave the guild (which I hate!), but felt regret regarding abandoning the Legacy of Aldor and its potential.

So, right now – we’re here. The guild is slowly growing and the members are admirable.
I’ve always preferred Quality over Quantity, and I’ll always stay true to this.

Anyways, if you have question – let me know!


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Re: Ahoy DefiasBros!

Post by NicholasBullard (Taph) on Wed Nov 12, 2014 7:59 am

Hi Aurilon. Thank you for your introduction, and I'd like to officially welcome you to Defias&Co!

Best of luck with the guild plans. I'm all for the encouragement of Draenei RP, as they appear to be a very unpopular race to roleplay. Hopefully your initiative will bring some change into that.

Have fun and I hope to meet you in the RP scene soon Very Happy

Cheers from a fellow Dutchie,
NicholasBullard (Taph)

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Re: Ahoy DefiasBros!

Post by Arabella Greene on Wed Nov 12, 2014 8:09 am

Greetings! I hope your stay is pleasant and fun filled! Welcome to the server!
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Re: Ahoy DefiasBros!

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