Tribal Predators

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Tribal Predators

Post by Visceril on Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:20 am

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Six months before the Iron Horde uprising, high amongst the jungle canopy
of Tanaan rests the nomadic Tribe Ripclaw within their tree top camp.

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"Baitin' tha trap, whether yer be usin' rendered flesh or crush'd berry, it all be somethin' yer quarry
want or need"
the aged Orc spoke slowly as he placed the 'au' to the young orcs upper back.
The serrated bone comb dripped the ink mixed with the blood of the young orcs kill, he sat upright
awaiting the 'tap, tap, tap' of the 'sausau' against the 'au'. "Once yer find tha out, once yer find it's
weakness, once yer know it's habits, then yer can trophy yer kill. This be why we honor tha hunt with
the 'Tataue', tha pattern we learn from tha hunt we will never forget"
Grak'vu closed his eyes as
the aged Orc repeatedly tapped the long 'sausau' ontop of the inked covered 'au' puncturing his skin
with the ink forming part of an elaborate pattern that covered his neck, back and arms.
"Tha thrill o' tha hunt...tha pride o' tha kill Grak'vu, that's wha tha spirit 'Malauie' desires" the aged
orc spoke softly as he continued tapping away.

Two days after the destruction of the Dark Portal.

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Kaigor wiped the blood and mud away from the unconscious Orcs face, the past couple of months have
lent to the tribal elder witnessing the annihilation of his tribe. This Iron Horde, killing those who oppose
the construction of this Dark Portal would stop at nothing, even these 'other' orcs and creatures coming
through the Dark Portal lie amongst the dead. Kaigor's mind was awash with questions, the wolf by his
side known as Furian lay sleeping, exhausted by the past few days events. But Kaigor knew that
the answer would not come anytime soon, he continued to care for this one Orc who was badly injured
in the main attack at the Dark Portals destruction, the cave he sought refuge within still had the stench
of decay, Kaigor knew this would keep the scavengers of war at bay long enough until he could mend
the injured orc. It was a few days later when this injured Orc opened his eyes that Kaigor had one of
his questions answered. "I be alive...thanks to you I believe Orc" spoke the injured Orc
"You took a beating, but indeed..I took care of you...Kai'gron" The injured Orc quipped an eyebrow as
he tried to see this Orc who had been taking care of him. "Ghrm...yer know my is this?"
Kaigor moved into the faint candle light showing Kai'gron his red tattoo covered face.

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"I be your grandfather...and I saw you! a new-born pup die, along with your parents and the rest of
our Tribe by the hands of this Iron Horde, all to clear Tanaan for the construction of tha gateway"
snarled Kaigor "Now you be here, a grown green skinned Orc...the spirits test me, and I know not why?"

Kai'gron frowned, stunned by this revelation his eyes rolled back and he fell unconscious once again.

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"My father once told me that a spirit will leave its body when it's time... "not always at death" he said.
"When the body becomes a is time for the spirit to escape"."And once the spirit is gone...the body will follow soon after."

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Re: Tribal Predators

Post by Demurral on Tue Nov 11, 2014 5:46 pm

Orcs from Kashyyyk or the forest moon of Endor, apparently.

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