The Adventures of Parker and Silvermane.

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The Adventures of Parker and Silvermane.

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Foreword by the Author
Before you, my dear reader, begin to read these chronicles of my time with the esteemed detective, Mr. Kelten Silvermane, there are some liberties contained within, that I feel must be confessed.
Firstly - While the events of these chronicles are absolutely true and factual to the best of my knowledge, the names and persona's of the people involved have been altered, in order to afford them some modicum of privacy.
Secondly - I have taken the liberty of altering my master and friends words and demeanor. While he can be a coarse and somewhat rude gentleman at times, I feel that transcribing his words directly would be damaging and dismaying to the sensibilities of you, my dear reader.
Alas, have no fear! The meaning of his words shall retain untainted by my vanity and presumption. Only the means of delivery shall be altered. May the Light condemn me, if my words are proven false!
-- Yours faithfully,
Thomas Parker, Esquire.

The Missing Arm
Chapter One:

Referring back to my detailed notes, the first case I worked with my master and soon, good friend, Mr. Silvermane, was in the late summertime, the twenty-ninth of August, in the twenty-first year of reign of our Good King Varian, Light protect him!
Myself and Kelten had just broke out fast upon a delectable dish of eggs and bacon, and were retiring to our armchairs in the sitting room, when a knock upon the roused us both.

"Hallo, and whats this?" I exclaimed, glancing towards the timepiece upon the mantlepiece.
"Good Light, it is not even the tenth bell - who on Azeroth would be calling at this hour?" I said.
"A case, no doubt, Mr Parker. Pray answer the door, judging from the heavy knocks, let the gentleman inside." Silvermane said, setting aside his paper.

Of course, I immediately rose, and upon answering the door, ushered the gentleman inside. It was then, by the light from the curtains, that I got my first proper look at the fellow.

My first impressions were ones of horror and dismay- in my haste in answering the door and letting the gentleman inside, I had not noticed the faint stench of decay about his person, nor had I noticed the conspicuous lack of his right arm, which the sleeve of his shirt clearly marked. His clothing was poorly made, but clean. A cloth shirt, some stained trousers, some black boots in dire need of a good polish and scrub, along with a hat completed his ensemble. I also detected a chill in the warm summer air - another indicator that, as I'm sure my reader has guessed, that our gentleman was one of the unfortunate souls that were bound to walk this green Azeroth after death - a Death Knight.
While I was spellbound at the sight of the fellow, quite forgetting my manners, my master was not as struck. While I know his distaste for these beings, he was, as always, eminently practical.

"Please, take a seat on the chair there, and tell us the reason for your visit. As you are no doubt aware- I am Mr. Silvermane. This gentleman with his mouth hanging askew is my companion, Mr. Parker."

Rudely made aware of my state, I closed my mouth, shaking my head slightly to hide my embarrassment for a time.

"May I get you anything to.." I began, before trailing off in further embarrassment - For, what can a gentleman offer to such a creature, when he cannot appreciate the pleasure of food or drink?
Luckily, the gentleman took pity upon me.
"I thank you, but anything you offer would be wasted upon me. Mr Silvermane, I am aware of you and your business, and its in that role that I have called. My name is Dante Rite, and I'd like you to find my missing arm." Said our mysterious gentleman.

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