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Grawlix Stormleaf

Post by Calisar on Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:26 am

Character name: Grawlix Stormleaf
Alias: 'Graw'
Gender: Male
Age: approx 9000
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Druid of the Claw
Mate of Narissae Drakesfire (deceased)
Father of two sons Ilanowyr and Thondalar Stormleaf

A proud, strong and stubborn Kaldorei who does not find it easy to adapt to the changing world.

Nature is not merciful, nor is it cruel, it simply is...

On his druidic path:
Uses animal forms as his weapon of choice (bear form especially), only carries a simple stave and skinning knife otherwise.

Deeply reveres the druidic forms as a sign of personal strength and control. The pinnacle of Kaldorei achievement. He becomes easily infuriated when hearing of city elves lounging by human tavern fireplaces in cat form with their paws in the air. A shameful waste of Cenarius' gift, they have clearly lost their way.

You become the beast for a clear purpose, when you need the sharper senses in those moments of fight or flight, respect the gift we have been given...

Graw was a long-time stalwart of the Cenarion circle, but left its service when the trolls and worgen joined. Has roamed Moonglade tending the wilderness in self-imposed isolation for the last few years.

On the other races:
Traditional and proud, to the casual observer he comes across as a fierce racist.

It is not that he hates the lesser races, not at all, just that he finds them far too short lived to be of any great consequence. It is natural and logical to him that he invests his focus only in beings that will survive long enough to have a meaningful impact on his life. Fickle, fleeting, too hungry for power and full of their own self importance. These 'children' have neither the time nor the capacity to understand their long-term impact on the natural world.

He struggles to comprehend the small wars and arguments of the Alliance. What does any of it matter as long as the forests endure?

The Draenei do show potential however, and he is curious about them, respecting them for their vast lifespan, history of battling the Legion and seemingly pure nature. He holds a healthy respect for Tauren too, pretenders to the crown of druidic perfection, the only Horde race he can enjoy the company of.

Graw has a rather simple black and white view of morality. Just as likely to attack a dwarf abusing nature as he would an orc. Death knights, Fel and Shadow wielders he has no time or words for. Given the opportunity he will gladly risk his own life to bring about the downfall of such offensive and dangerous creatures. Each one is a crime against natural law and must be ended. Such is the duty of -all- druids...

On his family:
Roughly 400-500 years ago he met Narissae Drakesfire, soon after she had left Eldre'theras. She took on the guise of a travelling priestess to conceal her past and they fell deeply in love. More than this, he will not discuss. He's still deeply wounded by the lie and the way she died a year ago at the hands of another Kaldorei. She was, for a time, my moon and stars... and he privately still mourns her loss. (A year after all is nothing to him).

Feels disappointment at the naive, open and gullible nature of his two sons, who seem content to roam and run riot with their Alliance playthings. Relations with Thon (too soft and gentle by far) are strained, and with Ilanowyr (too fiery and stubborn like his father) almost non-existent.

Believes both sons do show promise however and has some measure of secret pride in Ilanowyr's intellect and Thondalar's healing skills. All Graw can do is maintain his example to them both of how a Kaldorei should be. In time... they'll understand.

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Re: Grawlix Stormleaf

Post by Thondalar Stormleaf on Mon Nov 10, 2014 3:39 pm

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