Zyric Bonefist

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Zyric Bonefist

Post by Izzifix on Tue Nov 04, 2014 7:06 am

Character name: Zyric
Gender: Male
Age: 27 before death
Race: Undead
Class: Monk

Birth region: Lordaeron (the city).

Description: Unusually fond of green armors, Zyric tends to wear them at every possible occasion. His skin has the timeless yellow tint of undead who were raised only after a few days of lying piled up in the corpse-wagons. His ponytail is a pale straw-like color and his lower jaw is nowhere to be found. The undead monk's voice is similiar to a loud whisper, unpleasant to the ears and one hundred percent unnatural.

Personality: Curious, patient and open-minded, Zyric puts great value in the elven idea of a "Balance" in all things. Fancying himself something of a travelling philosopher or poet, he is more likely to be found in the middle of deep discussions about the essence of existence than engaging in small talk. While he often can be found on the battlefields near the destinations of his travels, he finds no particular pleasure in combat or war.

History: Zyric, as so many other of the Forsaken, fell along with his kingdom during the Scourge invasion of Lordaeron. After regaining freedom, he travelled far and wide, scaling the tall mountains for perspective, meditating by the lakes and reading vast amounts of books when living creatures would sleep, searching for meaning in his unlife.

At some point during this pilgrimage, he started discovering the basic techniques of the Monks, although in a wildly disorganized fashion, getting past many dangerous situations with the help of these powers that he couldn't quite understand. After the mists fell, he was quick to seek out the Masters of pandaria for training. Training day and night in the monasteries and temples of pandaria ever since, he is closing in on his full potential as a windwalker, and has recently departed from Pandaria's green shores to face the world again.

Other information: Currently being leveled up and unguilded.


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