Munch's Odysesy

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Munch's Odysesy

Post by Arkail Blastblade on Sun Nov 02, 2014 2:58 pm

An old story i found on the pc, from an old character which i thought i'd share.

Munch’s Odyssey

A small figure leapt from tree to tree scurrying up and down their trunks and branches. It was dusk in Ashenvale. Quiet now, the war had passed and had finished. The creature came to branch outreaching into a clearing the blood red sunset illuminating the figure, it was a Giest, it was Munch. A wretched creature with the basest of instincts, it’s leathery skin showing though it’s torn armour most still sewn to his flesh but he was battle torn and ragged.

Munch gurgled and clicked tilting his head, his only visible eye darting  around surveying the scene from high upon it’s branch, the noose around it’s neck hung like a twisted trophy.  

The “good greens” had gone some time ago,  their fighting with the “bads” as he called them had passed, he returned to their camps one day to find them gone, only a small force remained, a force he didn’t recognize. Munch would have missed them if he was aware of such emotions, but munch only felt one thing and that was hunger and during his time with the good greens he had fed well and often.

But now he was alone again.

“Munch hunt, munch kill, munch eat” A gurgled mantra, he spat out as he sat perched upon the branch.

Still there was plenty to feed upon besides rats. War scavengers had come to pick clean the remains of the war, the shinys and he stalked them with a gluttonous glee, striking from behind or from above.

It was then upon his branch this Ashenvale evening Munch saw the figures beneath him a tall bone-man as he called it and a small green creature, Munch coiled into a attack posture waiting. His green black tongue salivating and dripping a green ichor. Munch watched as they searched though the shiny they loved the shiny. Munch watched as the bone man disappeared from view, leaving the small-one alone. It was then Munch struck swift and silent as he dropped upon it with ravenous fury clawing, eating and biting. It was a frenzy of bile and blood. But Munch in his haste to feed had failed to notice the bone man behind him. Grinning his eyes glinting in fading forest floor light.

Munch shrieked in pain as electrified net trapped and surrounded  him, Munch howled and retched fighting against it. The bone man approached, a crackling stick in his bony hand and Munch soon fell to the darkness that followed.

The hunter had become hunted.

Munch awoke in a cage his vision hazy at first, Munch shot into action gnawing at the bars scurrying across the cages ceiling and walls frantic to find an exit, a exit which wasn’t there. A croaked laughter stopped Munch his tracks the bone man loomed from the darkness of the room and croaked a laugh again. Munch let out a low guttural growl.

“Little pet, now, now, best not damage yourself any further cost me great expense to ship you here to the Undercity. You know what the Undercity is don’t you… hmm? Never mind I’ve always wanted a giest you shall be a fine pet”

Munch gurgled and hissed clawing and swiping though the bars at his captor, Words swam though his frenzied mind :” under city…pet, trapped, hunted, prey, kill”

I am Archibald Pembroke, little pet and you shall call me master, i think i'll call you gurgles. The bone-man said as he playfully avoided Munch’s strikes though the bars

Days passed and Munch’s hunger grew. The bone man had sent munch into the blackness with a stick of sky lights as he called it. Each time munch awoke his armour sewn back onto his skin, his open wounds closed shut. Each time he taunted Munch poking, jeering and laughing.

Munch only ever formed the words in retort to this:  Munch kill…munch eat…

It seemed to be of great amusement to the bone-man. The bone-man talked at length with other bone men about him. All munch could was watch and wait the hunger grew each and every day his mind becoming more and more frenzied.

After many more days the bone man approached him his stick crackling with the sky lights a sick and twisted grin upon its face

“My little pet you are resistant I was told that by now you would have submitted to the hunger, a giest without a master is a rare find indeed and you shall be mine lets see what the warlocks of the magic quarter can do with you hmm? I can take away all the suffering all the hunger, submit!”

Munch replied his simple mantra “Munch kill…Munch eat”

“The bone-man flew into a rage I am your master you are MINE!”

The bone man attempted to once again bring darkness upon him with his crackling stick of sky lights, but this time no darkness befell munch. Munch shrieked in anger rocking the cage back and forth again and again he was struck with the stick, but each time munch resisted sending him in a deeper rage.
The cage tipped… and the rusted hinges of the cage door popped under the pressure.

Munch’s time had come in the struggle the bone man had be knocked to his knees. Now they were at eye level and mere feet from each other, The bone foolishly reached for his stick and struck at Munch but it was too late and leapt upon him clawing and biting the bone man struggled to his feet knocking jars and sending tables flying as he was being eaten.

Munch clenched his jaws around its throat and bit down tearing its throat and serving the bone man’s head. Ichor sprayed from the wound, splashing across the walls and floor and the now headless body jolted and jerked across the room.  Munch riding him, still clawing, still biting. The bone man’s lifeless body slumped finally upon a table of vials. Munch continued his attack, till he was interrupted by the sound of glass rolling upon stone. He watched it roll across the room with childish mirth gurgling happily upon its odd sound…. Rolling towards a flame.

A deafening crack and a blinding flash engulfed the room, sending Munch flying hitting a wall with a sickening thud, then dropping him though a rusted sewer grate, Munch’s body bounced and smashed it’s way down the pipe into the Undercitys sewers with a splash. There Munch bobbed along the current with the rest of the detritus and waste of the city.

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Munch awoke in a frenzy, a typhoon of green sewer water cascaded as he awoke flying into the air and clinging the sewers roof.
Munch looked around surveying his surroundings his low guttural growl echoing down the long dark sewer way. Where had he been, what had he done, where was he?

Munch knew only one thing... That he was hungry.

He scurried along the ceiling and walls of the sewer ways gurgling his mantra though the darkness

Munch hunt… Munch kill… Munch eat…

(((Picture from tcg art, 'Vindictive_Strike_TCG_1'))

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