[A-RP] Blooming Lotus (Pandaren/Monks of all races)

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[A-RP] Blooming Lotus (Pandaren/Monks of all races)

Post by Jiang-Nu on Fri Oct 24, 2014 10:11 am

"In my pride, I sought to keep Pandaria a secret, and once again I have found myself learning great lessons from this land. I am glad to be able to share my stories with my people, once again, in that they may learn as I have, and learn from my mistakes. Perhaps you, too, can still learn a thing or two from the lessons of Pandaria." - Emperor Shaohao

The Blooming Lotus is a Pandaren-oriented role-playing guild. Our goal as a guild is to focus on Pandaren culture, and the land that is our home. Not only do we seek to learn what we can from Pandaria, we wish to learn from - and teach to - the rest of the world as well, sharing knowledge and history. Pandaren, after all, value family and friendship, and our culture revolves around self-betterment and living life to the fullest. This attitude is all you need to find a home with us. A drive to see and learn new things, and a want to help others do the same.

While we are no pacifists - The celestials know that any Pandaren is more than capable of putting up a fight when threatened - the Blooming Lotus prefers peace over war, and will try to find any alternative to bloodshed in a conflict. We admire the young prince of Stormwind, Anduin Wrynn, for his kindness and devotion to peace, and are glad to see the influence that he has on his father. The Blooming Lotus supports his views, and hopes that he will be one of those who can guide the world to a more peaceful era.

Recently, we have begun to accept monks of any race. Those who wish to learn the art of hand-to-hand combat from those that have perfected the tradition for over a thousand years may seek us out and join us. Given, of course, that they accept the Pandaren philosophy of friends, family and food.

What do we do:
We usually do DM-ed events on a small scale, where the action is guided by a single dungeon master. In the future we have longer, story-driven campaigns planned that contain a mix of casual RP and DM-ed adventure.

Organization and ranks:
The blooming lotus is a society with only a limited hierarchy. There is no military protocol that needs to be upheld, or an oath that needs to be sworn. The position of chairman/chairwoman is mostly administrative and diplomatic.

Our guild has 4 ranks:

Chairwoman: This is the guild master. (Current: Jiangnu)
Lotus Council: This is the officer rank. (Current: Linzu, Senlei, Xiaojing)
Lotus Member: As it says on the tin, this is the member rank.
Initiate: Newcomer rank.

Really..? Panda's..?:
Yes, really! We’re still alive, and still awesome!

If you are interested, you can find our contact information on our new website: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Of course, you may also just drop me a PM here.

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