Belindrah Ahlenbough

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Belindrah Ahlenbough

Post by Ferbian Gormaine on Mon Oct 20, 2014 11:52 am

Character name: Belindrah Ahlenbough
Alias: Beli, Ahlen.
Gender: Female.
Age: 22.
Race: Human.
Class: Evoker.

Birth region: Elwynn
Specific area/town: Elwynn, near Redridge borders.
Father: Thyndall Ahlenbough - Farmer.
Mother: Elizabeth Ahlenbough - Farmer/cook.

Known friends or enemies:

  • Mira Blackwood
  • Kain Templeman-Blackwood (Mentor)
  • Zuiquan Stormwalker
  • Bixie Fizzlepants.
  • Tryse.
  • Arabella Greene (Partially)
  • James Clarke.


  • Verlen Wilson
  • Rohim Dethrohan
  • Daweth Wintersglove
  • Agazar Dreglan
  • Ragna Bloodclaw
  • Kayle Ravelle (Positive neutral)
  • Kelaa
  • Rappi Bentspring (Positive neutral)
  • Teron Varr
  • Eylesäe Silvershade (Trusted)


  • Gavin Ravensmantle (Disliked)
  • Jonathan Meykan (Disliked)

(Image is a rough interpretation of how she looks.)

Belindrah looks a little younger than her age, somewhat like a late teenager. Her long red hair often hanging in a ponytail. Whenever she smirks or smiles her cheeks form dimples, and she has a habit of biting her lower lip. Her blue eyes often seems to be staring intensely, even if she's just looking normally at people. Her face is rather easy on the eye, and in most cases she's often smiling. She's slightly below average height, not very noticeable unless she stands next to tall people. Her appearance always seems to be taken neatly care of.

Personality: Belindrah is always very welcoming of guests at the Slaughtered Lamb, greeting them and offering to help them. She often comes off as very innocent, possibly a little naive. She has a strong desire to learn and improve constantly. She is rather cautious, often hesitating and while very hard to surprise, she's easily scared or freaked out if the thing that scares her is bad enough. She's very loyal and respectful to most people, unless they end up not deserving the respect, or offending her. She's very forgiving and a gentle personality, easy to get along with due to that. Does have a small mean-streak about her but nothing that people really see very often.

Belindrah grew up on a farm in a somewhat secluded area of Elwynn Forest near the borders of Redridge. Living there with her mother and father, growing up was fairly peaceful and uneventful for her. She'd sometimes help around the house and farm, but most of her day went by reading books that the father had lying around or given to her by a friend of the family.

Said friend of the family proved to be a fairly simple mage. She'd drop by the farm every now and then on a weekly to bi-weekly schedule. Around the time of her seventeenth birthday, Belindrah started to sense something in her body, which later on would prove to be a flow of magic. Her ability to sense it at all was very inconsistent and downright awful. However after several several weeks of pleading, Belindrah finally managed to get the mage to mentor her. Under her teachings she slowly over the years began to grasp the basic essence of magic; How to sense her mana, how to control it, basic evocation skills by drawing in the energies from around her.

Many years as her apprentice, she managed to channel her first spell; A fire ball, which became her main focus point for future studies, along with continuing to dig deeper into the school of Evocation, something which she through the years learnt to grasp quite firmly. At this stage, the mage had taken to settling down in a nearby area, allowing her to oversee and continue Belindrahs teachings more consistently. Her potential kept on showing as the young girl progressed over several months... years of practice, she managed to get the bit of fire magic she could channel under control.

Briefly after her twenty-two year birthday, a month or so, expecting the by now daily schedule of teaching, yet her mentor were nowhere to be found. Not showing up to teach  her, or anywhere at her residence. Belindrah pondered for several days on what to do. Her father and mother had taken notice to the girls frustration and restlessness, and over the coming week scraped together any means they could to send her on her way - Towards Stormwind.

Upon her arrival in Stormwind Belindrah was instantly struck with awe, she had never seen anything like it. However in return, she also had no knowledge of where to turn to. Asking around she eventually started hearing about the citys Royal Library, as she decided to go there and spent days on end reading about any magic books she could get her hands on. However after a while she decided to go about exploring, and found herself stumbling across the Slaugthered Lamb teahouse, where after a conversation with Lady Blackwood, she took up a job as her assistant and a greeter / waitress in the teahouse.

During her time there she has met plenty of people who she has gotten to mingle with and learn from, be it the history of other races, or about increasing her prowness within the field of magic. It wasn't long till she met Kain Templeman who has agreed to take her in as his apprentice. Now she balances her time between taking care of the Slaughtered Lamb, usually in the company of Jarel Moor, the bartender. That or she spends her time studying during the off hours or slower periods around the teahouse, Lady Blackwoods employment giving her the leeway to do so.

Things you may know about this character:

  • Her favourite color is red.
  • Her magical abilities are most proficient in Evocation and Pyromancy.
  • She dislikes the taste of alcohol.
  • Loves tea.
  • Doesn't like to wear her hair down since it gets in her face and mouth.
  • Desires to learn as much magic as possible to experience its beauty.

Things you may not know about this character:

  • Studies Shadowmancy
  • Studies the teachings of the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow
  • Does indeed have a breaking point in her kindness

Possible crime record: None recorded.

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Re: Belindrah Ahlenbough

Post by Garrett on Mon Oct 20, 2014 11:57 am

Ferbian Gormaine wrote:Father: Thyndall Ahlenbough - Farmer.
Mother: Elizabeth Ahlenbough - Farmer/cook.


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Re: Belindrah Ahlenbough

Post by GavinRavensmantle on Mon Oct 20, 2014 12:12 pm

Enemy :<

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Re: Belindrah Ahlenbough

Post by Arabella Greene on Mon Oct 20, 2014 12:56 pm

GavinRavensmantle wrote:Enemy :<

*Points finger and laughs.*

*Reads what it says about own character.*

Ferbian Gormaine wrote:Friends:

Arabella Greene (Partially)

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Re: Belindrah Ahlenbough

Post by Jack Noodlemeister on Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:59 am

Garrett wrote:
Ferbian Gormaine wrote:Father: Thyndall Ahlenbough - Farmer.
Mother: Elizabeth Ahlenbough - Farmer/cook.


Made my day.
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Re: Belindrah Ahlenbough

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