An announcment from Brother Osmand Lightgaurd.

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An announcment from Brother Osmand Lightgaurd.

Post by Osmand on Wed May 19, 2010 5:34 am

-Posters have been put up around Stormwind-

In spite of the recent misdeeds of the council, which were clearly evident at the last council meeting I have decided to not revoke my application and will fully intend on becoming Minister.

Despite the lack of legal backing that the council has for removing me in the first place I feel my work of the past week will be enough to allow me to be voted in on a trial period.I will not allow certain Ministers to religiously discriminate against me and I will not allow our councillors to break the law.

I would like to state however, I have no faith in the ability of Minister Angelos or Minister Delaney, and if Elected I will do my best to right the wrongs that the council has committed this past week.

Signed Brother Osmand Lightguard.

Glory Under the Light.

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