(A) The Gathering

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Re: (A) The Gathering

Post by Dunderholm of Ambermill on Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:03 am

A cult of shadow for the living? HERESY!

*starts burning farms*

A Cult of Shadow made by a high-elf? What? I'm totally at a loss here. Why would you twist the lore around the Cult? Even The Cult of Shadow on horde side (where I was part of) followed the lore and the back-story about the foundation and the virtues as seen on [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Death Eyes wrote:Like what ones ? Well from what I see your original "Cult of Shadow" seems to be fairly similar to The Cult of Forgotten Shadow which is a belief system shared by many Forsaken in Lore. Now try to tell me your guild isn't based on the actual thing.
Yes your are absolutely correct that it is based on the actual thing, but only because it fits the lore of forsaken perfectly. You don't see us making a Silver Hand guild (or some sort) for the forsaken do you? No, because it doesn't fit with lore -at all-.

Death Eyes wrote:The Cult of Shadow is a mobilized organization of individuals who have decided to follow the religion of shadow which was adopted by the Forsaken.Based out of former members of the Infamous Cult of the Damned,the Twilight's Hammer and various individual shadow users.The prime goal of this Cult is to replace the religion of the Light with their own belief's.
You even say it yourself. Why would a human adopt a forsaken religion? It doesn't make sense. Every race hates the forsaken (yes even our 'allies'), the only race that seems to be friendly towards them is the Tauren and in some form the Blood Elves (but not always by choice).

Death Eyes wrote:The RP in this guild will be quite serious just to point it out there if you spy on me or try and betray me I will not allow you to leave alive or with your character's mind intact. So think carefully before you attempt to do anything as I take "I won't accept death" in these situation as lolling.
Although I fully agree with your standpoint to kill people who spy on you from an IC perspective (because yes that is what a cult would do) I am afraid you will easily fall into the cesspit that is God/Powerplay if you start OOCly dragging people into an argument about killing their character. Because let's be honest, you can't expect people to just let their character die.
For instance we had the rule back in the CoS days that every living entering Deathknell would be executed on sight. Of course you can't really enforce this law so we'd always send "the living" running with their tails between their legs and with a proper IC and OOC warning that this was a the last and final warning for entering our lands and that they would be executed the next time they'd enter Deathknell. And people would always respond understandingly.

Now given the first quote I take it you follow the virtues set by the forgotten shadow? One of the virtues is compassion and what this means (at least in part) is Death to the Living. As you would release them from their flawed and mortal shells.
It is one of the secondary virtues of the Forgotten Shadow and one of the main reasons the Cult was forsaken only. Because what kind of person in their right mind would join a cult where one of it's teachings is all about killing the living? Not to mention the virtue of Death...

Diederich wrote:Still, it's lame to walk about with the guild tag of a well-known RP guild, even if you won't call it that IC. Seems stupid guilds that have an entirely unrelated guild tag to their actual name, anyway. Do it properly, especially if it's a new guild.
Also I agree with this as well, the Cult of Shadow was/is a very well known RP guild on horde side.

Now I do like the idea of a cult Guild. Enjoyed rp-ing in one for over 2 years or such. But I don't like that you twisted and turned the lore around this. If you want to RP around the Cult of Shadow I suggest you reroll a forsaken or change your guild to be more around the Cult of the Damned (which is -not- as religious or focused solely on the forgotten shadow).
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Re: (A) The Gathering

Post by Death Eyes on Sun Nov 23, 2014 3:33 pm

I do enjoy your opinion but I for one am not using the Actual Cult of Forgotten Shadow as my guide. I only borrow various points from this Cult and that Cult. That's why i also am a rather unique guild i could give you examples.- Though my character was in the Cult of The Damned he doesn't treat "Undeath or Lichdom" as the highest reward for him Death is nothing but an obstacle. The same goes for the Cult of Forgotten Shadow which aswell points "Death" as something great.My Cult is not really based off any group as it is a mixture of all that's good in those Cults. You say i adopted the Religion of the Forsaken fact is I didn't adopt the Religion i enhanced it and improved it with my own view.

About your concerns about the Name i have changed it so there is no more fights over it
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