If your character was an RTS hero!

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Re: If your character was an RTS hero!

Post by Lavian on Wed Oct 15, 2014 5:02 pm

Clara Dawson

Upon Selection
"Require something, sir?"

Movement Order
"Let us move fast, then."
"I hope we're not too late"
"On it."

Attack Order
"Azeroth will be rid of you!"
"It's time to end this!"
"Fighting me was your mistake!"

Clicked one too many times
"Stop touching me. Don't even give me that look... Why are you winking?"
"Azeroth needs her champions in action, now stop it!"
"I will... Find you."

"Azeroth must fight on..."
"No! Not now!"
"To the shadowrealm..."

Blood Fever:(Passive) The death knight heals herself for 10/20/30% of her damage dealt in addition to a 50% damage reduction for 4 seconds when hit for 15% of her health by an attack. Four seconds cooldown.
Scarlet Strike: The Death Knight strikes out up to ten yards around herself, damaging a target and all those around it, diseasing them all and slowing their movement speed by 60% for 4 seconds.
Obliterate: A brutal strike that inflicts heavy damage, 50% chance to kill a non hero unit instantly. 30% extra damage for each Dancing Rune Weapon up.
Legion of Blades: The Death Knight materalises five Dancing Runic Weapons from the Shadowrealm. They all last 60 seconds and each point of damage inflicted is converted into health for the death knight. Comes with additional abilities.

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Re: If your character was an RTS hero!

Post by Amaryl on Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:24 am

Djego Stonehead

Upon Selection
"How are You doing?"
"Allow me to introduce myself"

Movement Order
"To the Brothels!"
"This place reminds me of the time I fought Hogger Hoggerson the Third"
"Direct me to the stage!"
"Your place or Mine?"

Attack Order
"Be gone Foul devil!"
"Dance for me Baby"
"Lightning bolt!"
"The Show Shall Go On"

Clicked one too many times
"You're making me blush"
"How about we get out of here?"
"It was a long time ago since I became a hero of the alliance, but Serenade you I shall."

"The Curtain falls even on the best of men"
"I die so you can live to tell my story, my dear dear friend."
"Tell me mother what became of me, and tell jaina I regret nothing about our night in the tower of Theramore, even if it was only a dream. Tell Jaina, promise me!"


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Re: If your character was an RTS hero!

Post by Ralegh on Thu Oct 16, 2014 5:36 am

Johnathan Jocelyn Ralegh


"Whatcha need?"
"Just give me a second, GAWH!"
"Yeah, alright"


"Hauling arse!"
"Repositiornnn-.. How do you even say th-.. Moving!"


"Eat lead!"
"You have been sentenced to death!"
"Kill them harder!"




"My everything hurts.."


Weapon switch! - Toggle randomly between "persecution" (Long-range) "The Warrant" (medium-range cleave) and "Coinsock"(High damage - melee range, with a % chance of giving the enemy player gold at every hit)
Kill them harder! - Significantly increased attack speed at the cost of increased damage received (toggleable aura)
Sit down! - Ralegh throws a chair, stunning the target.
Mommy issues - Ralegh thinks the target just called his mother a whore, increased attack speed and damage to target, Ralegh cannot change targets until his own or the targets death.

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Re: If your character was an RTS hero!

Post by Charlie Blazesong on Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:40 am

Heir'tar Blazesong


"Got a mission?"
"Finally you picked me!"
"Where are we headed? Adventure?"

"I'll trust you on this."
"Let's goooooooo!"

"Hey! Open your mouth, I'm about to feed you your daily dose of firey death!"
"You were correct about my mother being a whore, but I'm still gonna kill you."
"This will all be over in one.. two.. three.."
"Who can say where the road go.- Oh wait, you're dead THATS WHERE YOUR ROAD GOES!"
"Sometimes I wonder why I'm not on the other team.."
"Ouch! It hurts, stop doing that!"
*singing*"I'd like to make myself believe THAT YOU WOULD STOP THAT!"
"No.. not again."
"Are there easily seduced women in he...."
-If death by flamejavelin: "This was nothowipredictedthiswouldgo!!!!!"

Wiggling fingers: Heir'tar goes invisible for a few seconds, making him untargetable. Pops up near a random friendly building.
Fiery aura: Gives nearby friendly units an aura that slightly burns enemy attackers(damage depending on stuff ofcourse..).
Flame Javelin: Heir'tar takes to the sky in a fiery blaze, launching himself at the target dealing massive Area of affect damage to anyone within the range of the blast, random chance of killing himself in the process.
Flame wave: Heir'tar swings his blade in an arc, causing flames to erupt in a ten yard range. Damaging oponents caught in the range of the blast.
Charlie Blazesong

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Re: If your character was an RTS hero!

Post by Littlepip on Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:50 am

Not a Character:
A quick important thing to say, if you are going for any RTS be mindfull that the attack responses, movement responses and election response is usually short, around 1 - 4 words long. The only once that exceeded was the annoyance response.

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Re: If your character was an RTS hero!

Post by Lini on Thu Oct 16, 2014 12:39 pm

Obscure alts ahoy!

Nimmy Spinblade

"Hello Captain!"
"Nimmy listens!"

"Scouting ahead"
"Nimmy's moving already!"
"Is this the right way?"
"Nimmy -thinks- this is the right way"

"Slitting throats!"
"Slicing shins!"
"Stabbing backs!"

Too many clicks:
"Ever tried garroting a tauren? It'll be the ride of your life. And theirs too." *giggles*
"This one time Nimmy got lost in the Plaguelands. Never seen that many dead bears...AFTER Nimmy was done with the place."
"Still not getting it? Nimmy thinks you have other places to be. Elsewhere. As in, not here."
"Look. What do I have to do to get you to leave me alone?! Tie your ankle to the Deeprun Tram with a very long rope?!"
"Aaagh! You! Look what you've done! You made me break character!"


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Re: If your character was an RTS hero!

Post by Lianji on Sat Oct 18, 2014 5:24 am

Lian-Ji Honeybrew
Windcaller (Int)

"Your command?"

"As ordered"
"Yes, Master"
"As you command"

"For Alliance! For Azeroth!"
"Die! Die! Die!"
"Suffer the fury of the Elements!"

"Shaohao was a deluded fool"
"Taran Zhu, and all of my people if necessary, will pay for betraying this world."
"*sigh* I wish there just someone to give a hug to..."
"Oh sure, poke the Panda, surely must be funny *mutters something nomnomnom*"

"No! No!"

Lin'Ming Stonepaw
Priest? (Int)

"oh, Hello!"

"of course!"

"mh, I don't like this..."
"For the Braves!"
"If this helps someone..."

Clicked too many times
"I always wanted to see the world, like my cousin!"
"By the power of the Light, Burn! mh, that sounds harsh."
"*hums something*"
"Prepare for a biiiiiig Panda hug!"



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Re: If your character was an RTS hero!

Post by Jiang-Nu on Sat Oct 18, 2014 6:18 am

Jiang-Nu Cloudsinger (Priest)

"Oh! Hello."
"Is someone hurt?"
"Let me help you."
"I've got your back."

"Yeah, I can find that."
"I won't be long."

"Can't we talk about this..?"
"White Tiger's strength!"
"For the Celestials!"

Too many clicks
"You look healthy...But I'd better check to be sure."
"You eh...want a painkiller?"
"I'm married, you know."
"I'm not doing it..."
"Ugh...Fine! *Annoyedly hums first few notes of Caramelldansen* There! You happy?"
"I feel a headache coming on..."

"No...no, there's so much..."

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Re: If your character was an RTS hero!

Post by NicholasBullard (Taph) on Sat Dec 06, 2014 11:44 pm

Taph Gibson (Agi)

Upon Selection
"How may we help?"
"Tell me, what's up?"

Movement Order
"Let's investigate."
"On me!"
"This way please."

Attack Order
"Get him!"
"*Threatening growl*"

Clicked one too many times
"Ask my co-Captain."
"Let me complete this paperwork first!"
"Well sorry, but I'm not looking for love."

"*Anguished howl*"
"For Gilneas!"
"Carry -.. on!"
NicholasBullard (Taph)

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Re: If your character was an RTS hero!

Post by Liathai on Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:09 am

Liathai Hillsborn - AGI

Upon Selection
"Enlistment Officer 195, Liathai. Go Ahead."
"I knew you'd need me"
"It's not easy with this...condition."

Movement Order
"Orders Received."
"There's no satchels over there, right?"
"On my way."
"I've got the documents, let's go."

Attack Order
"Order is to attack!"
"Your presence is not required."
"I knew you'd be here"
"I can't...control it. *Worgen sounds*"

Clicked too many times
"I have enough paperwork to do."
"Your curiosity intrigues me"
"You're more annoying than satchels....you know that?"
"Being a specialist has it's downsides too, like endless questions for example."

"As the ancestors wish...."
"Taph! Where ar-....."

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Re: If your character was an RTS hero!

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